Sunday, April 4, 2021

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists The Crown, Cannibal Corpse, Dvne and Kardashev

Just last month, death metal giants The Crown released their 11th studio album "Royal Destroyer," along with celebrating the band's 20th anniversary. Their new ten track release comes blasting out of the gate with one of the band's most aggressive tracks "Baptized In Violence" and the equally attacking nature of "Let The Hammering Begin!" The howling vocals of "Motordeath" and the swift guitar work of "Ultra Faust" will knock you back into your seat, as The Crown feel that they still have something to prove. The machine-gun drumming of "Full Metal Justice" and "Scandinavian Satan" are a couple of stand-out tracks that finds The Crown honoring their their past, while continuing to push their sound forward. They wrap up their new album with their most accessible, mainstream death metal piece "We Drift On" and the final sonic blast of "Beyond The Fall." To find out more about The Crown and their latest release "Royal Destroyer," please visit

Fellow death metal legends Cannibal Corpse are also preparing to unleash their new album titled "Violence Unimagined" on April 16th. It features eleven head-bashing tracks, beginning with the intense chaos of "Murderous Rampage" and the thick chugging guitars of "Necrogenic Resurrection." Cannibal Corpse speed things up with the aggressive attack of "Condemnation Contagion" and "Ritual Annihilation," as they still perform with a chip on their shoulder to prove they are the best death metal band in the land. They finish with the pounding rhythm of "Follow The Blood," the electrifying guitar work of "Bound And Burned" and the sonic send-off of "Cerements Of The Flayed." To find out more about Cannibal Corpse and their latest release Violence Unimagined," please visit

U.K. heavy metal band Dvne released their new studio album "Etemen AEnka" back in March. It is only the band's second album and shows more layers to the band's music upon multiple listens. The album begins with the high-powered attack of "Enuma Elis" and the epic, nine-minute "Tower," which has a lot happening within the song. The band put their talents on display for the nearly ten minute, progressive metal journey of "Omega Severer," while "Mleccha" is more melodic and switches tempo to keep the listener guessing on the song's direction. Dvne close out their new album with the slow build-up of "Satuya," which showcases the band's full power and musicianship. To find out more about Dvne and their latest release "Etemen AEnka," please visit

Jumping ahead to May finds the arrival of the four-song EP from "deathgaze" metal band, Kardashev and their new release titled "The Baring Of Shadows." It begins with the steady melodic flow of "A Frame A Light," which just erupts with the grind of guitar, bass and drums. The band look to quicken your pulse during intense moments of "Snow Sleep," while showcasing their metal music skills on the energetic blasts of "Torchpassing." Kardashev finish with the high-powered, chaotic metal attack of "Heartache." To find out more about Kardashev and their latest release "The Baring Of Shadows," please visit

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