Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Music From Singers, Songwriters Bob Bradshaw and Craig Cardiff

Singer, songwriter Bob Bradshaw has a new set of tales to tell with his April 30th release of his new album, "The Ghost Light." His new eleven track release finds Bradshaw touching every musical genre from rock, to folk, to country and blues. He begins with the mellow, alternative rock vibe of "Songs On The Radio," which draws close similarities to The Wallflowers. Next, he simplifies his sound with the gentle sway of "Dream" and the country twang of "Gone," which displays Bob Bradshaw's chameleon musical style.  He delivers the blues the acoustic ballad "She's Gone For Good," before plugging back in to get the energy moving with the guitar boogie swagger of "21st Century Blues." The harmonies on "Sideways" fully support the song's stark delivery and "In The Dark" is a straight-on blues/rock number with muscle. Bob Bradshaw closes out his new album with the acoustic, folk-style storytelling of "Niagara Barrell Ride Blues." To find out more about Bob Bradshaw and his latest release "The Ghost Light," please visit bobbradshaw.net.

Fellow singer, songwriter Craig Cardiff is ready to make his return with a new studio album titled "All This Time Running." It will be released on May 14th, through True North Records and features eleven tracks, along with six bonus tracks. He begins with the title track "All This Time Running," which is pure Americana pleasure, led by Craig's soft, warming vocals that simply draw you into his musical world. The energy picks up (slightly) for the story of "Emm & May" and "Yellowknife," with its addictive chorus and simply sung lyrics, like classic Cat Stevens. Then, he slows the tempo down for mellow blues of "Wyoming," before bringing back the energy with the uplifting mood of "Moon." Craig finishes his new album with the beautiful, quiet harmonies of "Fire, Fire, Fire" and the pure, Americana aspects of "Bryant Park." The bonus tracks on the CD consist of an amazing cover of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up," a love letter to "Ymir BC" and the emotional ballad "Last Love Letter." To find out more about Craig Cardiff and his latest release "All This Time Running," please visit craigcardiff.com.

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