Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Aristocrats Deliver A Live "FREEZE!" & The 69 Cats Have A "Seven Year Itch" To Scratch

Hard rock trio, The Aristocrats are releasing their new album "FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020" on May 7th through the BOING! label. This new six-song release showcases the band in the natural setting...LIVE! This trio know how to get you adrenaline pumping, opening with the intense, progressive rock appeal of "D Grade F*ck Move Jam." They experiment a little more with their sound on the more melodic tone of "Spanish Eddie," which simply glides along, until its hard-hitting finale. The music of "When We All Come Together" moves swiftly, as each of the band members makes their presence known with the quick soloing. The Aristocrats wrap up their new live album with an intense nineteen-minute jam titled "Get It Like That," which is highlights by an extensive drum solo, dedicated to the immortal Neal Peart of Rush, along with the more straight-forward prog-rock/jazz fusion flow of "Last Orders." To find out more about The Aristocrats and their latest release "FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020," please visit

The gothabilly supergroup, The 69 Cats recently released their new studio album "Seven Year Itch" through Cleopatra Records. The three pre-released singles "Hollywood's Bleeding," "She's Hot" and "(Let's Go) Psycho" have been raising the anticipation of this new release and the full twelve-track release does not disappoint. With the iconic vocals of Jyrki 69 leading the way, guitarist Danny B. Harvey, bassist Kim Nekroman and drummer Rat Scabies (The Damned) lay down the perfect path for The 69 Cats unmistakable sound. The album starts off with the punk energy of "She's Hot" and a cover of Post Malone's "Hollywood's Bleeding," which may be better than the original and fits perfectly into the groups gothic repertoire. They keep the energy flowing with the intense delivery of "(You're) The Kind Of Girl I Need." The band lay down a boogie-woogie groove for "Graveyard Blues," before returning to the punk fury of "Hey World," featuring the late-Sky Saxon (The Seeds). Once again, The 69 Cats gets things swinging with the swift-moving "(Let's Go) Psycho," before finishing their new album with the bluesy bounce of "Teddy Boy Boogie" and the final sonic blast of "It Ain't Enough," which includes one of the final performance by former Pink Fairies/Motorhead guitarist Larry Wallis. To find out more about The 69 Cats and their latest release "Seven Year Itch," please visit

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