Monday, May 31, 2021

Green Jelly Return With "Garbage Band Kids" & The Meteors Double-Up With "Skull N Bones"

On June 11th from Cleopatra Records is the new release "Garbage Band Kids," from the iconic  punk/metal band Green Jelly. It will be the band's first release in over a decade and arrives on colored vinyl and CD with cover art and illustrations by one of the original creators of the Garbage Pail Kids trading card phenomenon. The album also features loads of special guests including the Trailer Park Boys, members of Fishbone and Suicidal Tendencies, and even a special message from "Weird Al" Yankovich. The seventeen song release begins with the gross subject of "Pukebox," as the band break-down the walls with their signature delivery of lyrics and the raw emotion of their music. You can't deny the energy and addiction of Green Jelly's music, as they sing about the oddest subjects like, Spongebob in "Silence Of The Squarepants" and the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" and even touch upon a Celtic-style sing-along with "Drinking Song." The mood turns dark with the thrash metal appeal of "Back Alley Dentist," before Green Jelly simplify their lyrics with the shout along chorus of "Hey Hey Hey." The CD version of this new album includes some bonus tracks, including a guest appearance by former WWE wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggin on "Freetow Feet" and the condensed history of the band with "The Ballad Of Green Jelly." The album would not be complete, without a new version of their 1993 hit single "Three Little Pigs," which extends the story past the six-minute mark. To find out more about the latest release from Green Jelly titled "Garbage Band Kids," please visit

Psychobilly icons, The Meteors recently released "Skull N Bones," the first half of the their double album, which also will include the album "The Curse Of Blood N Bones." The new album kicks off with the classic, surf-like instrumental "Chasing Evil" and the more punk direction of "A Night In The Tombs." The band's signature rockabilly sound is present in the dark tale of the title track "Skull N Bones" and their cover of "Dateless Night," originally released by The Deltones in 1958. The Meteors simplify their sound with the nostalgic Halloween-themed "Zombie Noise," before wrapping up the first half of their double album with the swinging rhythm of "Twisted."

The energy continues to flow right into the swift-moving rockabilly backdrop of "All I Do" and "All I Can Do Is Cry." The descriptive lyrics of "Creature" paints the perfect image in your mind of the monster that may be singing this song to his next prey. The surf music style returns with the upbeat style of "Daughters Of The Deep," which may have worked better as an instrumental. The Meteors wrap up their new double-album with the country twang of "Alligator Man 2020," along with the album closer "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky," as they take this classic and make it their own with this evil sounding instrumental. To find out more about The Meteors and their latest releases "Skull N Bones" and "The Curse Of Blood N Bones," please visit

Sunday, May 30, 2021

New Heavy Metal Releases From Of Mice & Men, The Devil Wears Prada and Wristmeetrazor

Let's start off with a couple of new EPs from modern metal giants Of Mice & Men and The Devil Wears Prada. First, Of Mice & Men continue their series of three song EPs, which will eventually make up the band's new full-length album. This current set titled "Bloom" was released on May 28th through SharpTone Records. It kicks off hard with the explosion of "Levee," as screaming vocals and pounding drums put you in the proper mood to head-bang. The chugging guitars of the title track "Bloom" will certainly get your adrenaline pumping, before finishing with the hardcore metal attack of "Pulling Teeth," which display the full energy and power of the band. To find out more about Of Mice & Men and their latest release "Bloom," please visit

Fellow hardcore metal band, The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) recently released a new five-song EP titled "ZII" through Solid State Records. This new release is a continuation of their first EP "Zombie," released back in 2010 and it may also be the heaviest record by the band to date. It begins with growling vocals of "Nightfall," which is supported by thrash metal guitar riffs and load of energy to get your blood pumping. TDWP turns it up a notch with the heavy metal bashing of "Forlorn," as they continue to prove why they are considered one of the top modern metal acts in the genre. The album wraps up with the mixture of melody and chaos of "Nora" along with the addictive mainstream metal delivery of "Contagion." To find out more about The Devil Wears Prada and their latest release "ZII," please visit

Arriving June 11th from Prosthetic Records is the sophomore release "Replica Of A Strange Love" from the death metal band, Wristmeetrazor. Their new twelve song release visits the darkest depths of your nightmare, beginning with the screaming vocals, melodic chorus and big, sweeping guitar riffs of "Out Distress Entwined." The energy and aggression continues to flow through the hardcore pounding rhythm of "Last Tango In Paris" and the chaotic onslaught of "Nietzsche Is Dead." Wristmeetrazor deliver a more melodic, modern sound with the quieter music collage of "Love's Labor's Lost," before returning to the death metal attack of "Eyes Of Sulfide." The band close out their new album with iconic chugging metal guitar riffs of "Dies Irae," along with the swift drumming of "A Fractured Dovetail Romance" and the dark, atmospheric soundscape of "All The Way Alive." To find out more about Wristmeetrazor and their latest release "Replica Of A Strange Love," please visit

Friday, May 28, 2021

New Music From Independent Artists The Jenny Thing and James DiGirolamo

Back in the early nineties, northern California band The Jenny Thing made a name for themselves along the west coast, releasing three albums and performing at famous venues like The Roxy and the Troubadour. Shortly after the release of their third album in 1999, the group disbanded, to go ona and lead separate lives. Fast forward 17 years and the members of The Jenny Thing were all living back in northern California and decided to reform and write music, which resulted in their first album in over twenty years titled "American Canyon." It arrives on June 18th and features eight brand new tracks, beginning with the nostalgic feel of "Paper Angel." Right from the first few notes, you instantly flash back to what was blossoming in alternative rock in the nineties. The Jenny Thing jump back into modern times with the dance beats of "All In My Head," while "More All The Time" is filled to the brim with energy and a swirling, electronic rock melody. The ambient soundscape of "Aeromedica" showcased the band's experimental side, before finishing the album with the new wave approach of "Lightfield" and the sweeping pop tones of "Waiting For The Knife." To find out more about The Jenny Thing and their latest release "American Canyon," please visit

Next, we move to Nashville for the latest release from singer, songwriter James DiGirolamo, who is releasing a new six-song EP titled "Paper Boats" on June 11th. James has recently worked as a session musician and a touring sideman, but now brings his musical talents back into the spotlight with this latest set of songs. The new release kicks off with the addictive pop vibe of "Same Boat," which draws up similarities to the great Elvis Costallo. Just the way that James DiGirolamo draws you in with a simple steady rhythm and smooth, warming vocals. He slows things down for the gentle piano ballad of "The Girl Who Has Everything," which shows us his sweet, soulful side, while the beautiful harmonies of "Pure Joy" have a classic, laid-back west coast sound. James wraps up his new album with the emotion-fueled ballad "On Paper," which highlights his amazing songwriting. To find out more about James DiGirolamo and his latest release "Paper Boats," please visit

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Enjoy The Southern Hospitality Of Swift Silver & Then Head Out West For The Tenth Mountain Division

Arriving June 4th, is the self-titled debut album from the southern songwriting duo of Anna Kline and John Looney, who go by the name Swift Silver. The band consists of Kline and Looney, along with brothers Kenny and Hayden Miles. Their new album consists of nine tracks, beginning with the slow-moving "Belleville Blues," as you are introduced to Anna's strong southern-style vocals. They continue with the country-style, blues ballad "We've Given Up On Us," before the band open-up with some stellar guitar solos on the seven-minute blues of "Looking Back." They finally pick the tempo up with the country rocker "Come On Home To Yourself," as Anna's vocals lead the charge once again. John steps up to the mic for the downhome soulful, southern feel of "The Fields Have Turned Brown," which is a nice balance between John and Anna's vocals. Swift Silver close out their new album with a pair of gentle country ballads, "We All Get Out Turn" and "Ain't Wrecked Yet." To find out more about Swift Silver and their new self-titled release, please visit

Also on the horizon is the latest release from Colorado's independent soulful rock band, Tenth Mountain Division (TMD) titled "Butte La Rose." It features ten tracks that are soaked with American flavor. Right from the opening chords of "Hot Sweaty South," you are swept away to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, before taken to the beaches of the California coast with the classic sixties pop tones of "Sad Summer." Next, they invite you to enjoy the beauty of their home state with the soaring guitar solos of "Spring Chicken," which gives you the feeling of floating over the Colorado mountains. TMD then deliver the blues with "Get Out Of My Head," before finding their way through the seventies funk-style of "Girl Like You," and then finishing up with the Americana folk ballad "Big Blue Sky." To find out more about Tenth Mountain Division and their latest release "Butte La Rose," please visit

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Discover More, With Great New Music From Yoonmi Choi, Nick Finzer and Curtis J. Stewart

New York City pianist, composer Yoonmi Choi is preparing to release her new album "7 Days" on May 28th on the NextLevel label. This album was inspired by her visit to Sistine Chapel in Italy, and the paintings by Michelangelo. Yoonmi's new release features seven songs that are themed around the first seven days of existence, beginning with "1st Day: Let There Be Light." The notes begin as individual pieces which them come together to form the melody of the opening, uplifting song, along with the chaotic drum interlude of Samvel Sarkisyan. The album takes on a jazzier tone with "2nd Day: When He Sees The Sky," as this musical trio, which includes Miles Sloniker on bass, work in unison on a common theme. Samvel's drums lead the way on "3rd Day: Land From The Sea," before the gracefulness of Yoonmi's piano takes over. The album closes with the eight-minute jam of "6th Day: Here We Are," which features a stellar bass solo from Miles Sloniker, along with the fabulous run of keys by Yoonmi Choi, and also the relaxed, laid back melody of "7th Day: It Was Good." To find out more about Yoomi Choi and her latest release "7 Days," please visit

Jazz trombonist and band leader Nick Finzer recorded his new live album "Cast Of Characters" back on Leap Day 2020. Then the lockdown hit and Nick held on to that recording until 2021, and on May 21st he was able to release his new three-song EP "Cast Of Characters Live From Denton" from Outside In Music. It was recorded at the University of North Texas and includes former members of the faculty along with students to create this unique jazz experience. The album begins with the eight-minute energetic run of "A Sorcerer (Is A Myth)," which shows the full potential of Nick's band right from the opening notes. He keeps the liveliness flowing with some amazing solo piece during "Evolution Of Perspective," before finishing with the more elegant, graceful touch of "Patience, Patience," which slowly climbs to its climatic close. To find out more about Nick Finzer and his latest release "Cast Of Characters Live From Denton," please visit

Lastly we have the latest release titled "Of Power" from Grammy nominated jazz artist Curtis J. Stewart, which will be released on June 18th through the Bright Shiny Things label. It features seventeen tracks that revolve around the idea of resistance and resilience, beginning with Curtis' stellar solo violin work on the opening piece "Louisiana Blues Strut - A Cakewalk," which displays a southern style to his sound. He delivers a more classical sounding piece with "Improvisation 1 On Paganini Caprice #11," then showcases another version of this piece with the addition of electronics, which gives the music a more modern sound. The album features reimaged works by Charlie Parker ("Scrapple"), John Coltrane ("After The Rain") and Stevie Wonder ("Isn't She Lovely"), as Curtis adds some electronics to the songs, which makes them almsot unrecognizable, while leaving others just as a solo violin piece. His experimentation really excels on the original songs "Shook - Sum1" and "Our Past Is A Privilege," which sound like a rebellious electronic collage, while "Magic Might" floats on by with grace and emotion. To find out more about Curtis J. Stewart and his latest release "Of Power," please visit

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

New Music From Mark Rubin (Jew Of Oklahoma) & Van Dyke Parks featuring Veronica Valerio

Singer, songwriter Mark Rubin (Jew Of Oklahoma) is preparing to release his new "The Triumph Of Assimilation." It is an album that finds Rubin standing up for his ethnicity with new protest hymns, while also giving listeners a history lessons about the affliction of Jewish people. He begins with the strong rebellion anthem "A Day Of Revenge," by not holding back his emotions of righting the past. The stark, classic folk protest charge "It's Burning" sounds like a slave chant, while "Down South Kosher" adds a bit of humor in the lyrics to lighten up the mood. Mark tells us the tale of the "Murder Of Leo Frank," before showcasing his skills on the banjo with the up-tempo instrumental piece "Yiddish Banjo Tunes." He wraps up his new album with the country/bluegrass vibe of "Unnatural Disasters" and the happy, sing-along Hanukkah track "Spin The Dreidel." To find out more about Mark Rubin and his latest release "The Triumph Of Assimilation," please visit

Mexican-born singer, songwriter, harpist Veronica Valerio has teamed up with songwriter, conductor Van Dyke Parks for the short, four-song EP "Van Dyke Parks Orchestrates Veronica Valerio: Only In America." Van Dyke Parks may be best known as Brian Wilson's collaborator on The Beach Boys' "Smile" album. This new collaboration combines the amazing talents of these two artists, who don't belong together on paper (Parks is older and American & Valerio is young and Spanish), but make beautiful music together. Veronica's Spanish vocals are perfectly matched by Van Dyke Parks' elegant strings on "Cieliuto Lindo," while "The Flight Of The Guacamaya" feels like it came from a movie, as Van Dyke Parks makes the melody dance around the graceful vocals of Valerio. The album closes with "Camino A Casa," a step toward the pop direction, as you get so wrapped up in Veronica's vocals, while Van Dyke Parks adds just enough melody to support this amazing young talent. To find out more about this new collaboration "Van Dyke Parks Orchestrates Veronica Valerio: Only In America," please visit announcing-only-in-america.

Monday, May 24, 2021

"Best Case Scenario, You've Got The Mumps" With A Brand New Compilation From Omnivore Recordings

Arriving June 4th is a new compilation from the American punk band, The Mumps. The band was a staple of the classic New York City venues, CBGBs and Max's Kansas City, and they were lead by television star Lance Loud (An American Family). The new release titled "Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That, Best Case Scenario, You've Got The Mumps" features 23-tracks, including 2 previously unissued tracks when the band's early days as, Loud.

The songs in this new compilation were recorded between 1974-1979 and showcase the many different sides to the band, from the energetic punk roots of "Just Look, Don't Touch" to the sixties doo-wop melody of "Awkward Age." Some of the tracks that were recorded in the late-seventies like "Scream & Scream Again" and "Did You Get The Girl?" have the band's sound heading toward new wave punk, as they were looking to polish their edgy, raw sound. The rawness is still present with "We Ended Up" and "Muscleboys," as we find The Mumps flexing their garage rock sound that helped solidify an opening spot for a show with The Ramones in 1978.

The CD and digital versions of this compilation tack-on an additional nine bonus tracks that centers mostly around the band's earlier punk rock period with the underground, independent sounding "Teach Me" and "Stupid." They also show their British rock influences with the approach of "Dutch Boy" and "Photogenia." The compilation closes with the two early tracks from when the band was called Loud (before they became The Mumps), which features future Patti Smith Group drummer Jay Dee Daugherty. The songs "Cha Cha Cha" and "Back In The Street" have the building blocks for what would evolve into one of the premier American punk bands of the seventies. To find out more about The Mumps' release "Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That," please visit

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Discover New Music From Rymo, Derev and Oxygene8

Slightly Stoopid drummer Ryan Moran, who goes by the name of Rymo, just released his new solo album "Kinetic" through Controlled Substance Sound Labs. The new sixteen track set begins with "Symmetry 7," a short drum solo, featuring Farzam Salami, which leads you right into the more graceful, instrumental rock melody of "Kinetic." Rymo experiments with different drum techniques with rhythm-fueled "Palindrome" and the more funky "Spy Theme," which includes bass work from special guest Tony Levin (King Crimson). The way Rymo's music tells a story without words is simply amazing, as in "Mr. Roboto Visits The Outback" and "Megalodon," as you are mesmerized by each note and drumbeat. He jazzes things up with "Cubism," then mellows out with the smooth, laid-back vibe of "Hearin' Everywhere," featuring help from fellow bandmate Paul Wolstencroft. Rymo wraps up his new album with the Middle Eastern tone of "Didg-y-tar" and the floating six-minute escape of "Dream Flight." To find out more about Rymo and his latest release "Kinetic," please visit

Canadian progressive metal band, Derev recently released their debut EP titled "Leap Of Faith." It features six tracks, beginning with a short, atmospheric instrumental, before Derev unleash their beast-of-a-sound with the opening song "Turab." The band's excellent musicianship is on display during the eight-minute metal assault of "Futile," while "Delayed" delivers more mainstream rock appeal. Derev close out their new album with a taste of all their influences from jazz to metal during the nearly nine-minute epic "Ghost Of Guilt." To find out more about Derev and their latest release "Leap Of Faith," please visit

Last, but not least, we have the new two-song EP from progressive music artist Linda Cushma's band, Oxygene8. The album is titled "Rhino" and was conceived and recorded during the pandemic, when all human and animal life where scrambling for safety. The opening track "Rhino" starts out with a heavy, rhythmic beginning, that turns into a funky, electrifying rock instrumental filled to the brim with energy. The flipside track is "Santa Monica" which displays two different moods, a more relaxed, melodic tone then switches into a hard rock assault. To find out more about Oxygene8 and their latest release "Rhino," please visit

Saturday, May 22, 2021

New From Metal Blade Records... Metal Massacre XV, Cirith Ungol and Desaster

Back in 1982, Metal Blade Records, a small music label, released their very first compilation title "Metal Massacre." On that compilation was none-other than heavy metal giants Metallica. Now, nearly 40 years later, Metal Blade Records is unleashing it's 15th volume of the "Metal Massacre" compilation series. This new ten song release begins with Midnight's "Masked And Deadly," which will certainly get your adrenaline pumping on this hard-hitting opening track. The screaming vocals and thunderous drums of Fuming Mouth's "Master Of Extremity" will fill your speakers with all that is right in metal music. We then move on to the more extreme metal approach of "Bone Ritual" by Ripped To Shreds, as the guitar riffs will blaze a path through your skull. Midnight Dice deliver a classic thrash metal sound with their song "Starblind," before the compilation wraps up with the doom metal assault of Smoulder's "Warrior Witch Of Hel" and the dark, growling vocals of "In Somber Dreams" from Mother Of Graves. To find out more about "Metal Massacre XV," please visit

Legendary heavy metal band Cirith Ungol continue to roll out new music with their latest release "Half Past Human." The album only features four songs, but continues to prove why they are considered one of the masters of the genre. While the virus dashed the band's plans to tour in 2020, instead they dug deep into their vault to polish off some long-forgotten gems. The album begins with the aggressive pounding of "Route 666" and the quick, shredding guitar riffs of "Shelob's Lair." The songs are all new recordings, but still follow that classic early-sounding heavy metal formula, as displayed in "Brutish Manchild," while "Half Past Human" displays a more progressive metal sound. To find out more about Cirith Ungol and their latest release "Half Past Human," please visit

Next month, German metal band Desaster return with their new studio effort titled "Churches Without Saints." It features eleven tracks, beginning with a short instrumental that sets the stage for an onslaught of aggression and adrenaline. Desaster blast their way into your brain with the hard-hitting attack of "Learn To Love The Void," then the swift, strumming guitars of "Failing Trinity," before slowing down for the chugging assault of the title track "Churches Without Saints." They speed things up again with the neck-breaking chaos of "Hellputa" and "Sadistic Salvation," before finishing you off with the seven-minute heavy metal epic "Endless Awaking" and the lighter, more mainstream rock of "Aus Asche," which is sung in their native language. To find out more about Desaster and their latest release "Churches Without Saints," please visit

Friday, May 21, 2021

Craft Recordings Celebrate 40 Years Of The Violent Femmes With New "Add It Up" Vinyl Release

Making its return to vinyl since it's intial release nearly thirty years ago, is the greatest hits album "Add It Up (1981-1993)" from the iconic alternative rock band, Violent Femmes. The band is celebrating their 40th anniversary and Craft Recordings is making sure everyone is celebrating with four different color vinyl editions of this new release. A special limited edition "Blister Red Marble" edition is available at the Violent Femmes and Craft Recordings webstores, while Urban Outfitters will feature "violet" colored vinyl edition and independent music stores will carry an "aqua" pressing, along with traditional black colored vinyl.

When the Violent Femmes released their self-titled debut album in 1983, the music world was unsure what to make of it. It wasn't quite pop music, it wasn't quite rock music and alternative music was just beginning to be talked about. It eventually when on to sell a million copies and kicked off a career that has lasted four decades and placed the Violent Femmes one of the premier rock trios in the music industry.

When the CD/original vinyl version of "Add It Up (1981-1993)" was released back in September 1993, it featured 13 previously unreleased versions of their hits like "Lies," "Kiss Off" and "Add It Up." This album was also special because it not only included their most well-known songs like "Blister In The Sun" and "Gone Daddy Gone," but most of this compilation is made up of rare demos, B-sides and live songs that were unavailable in the U.S. This new vinyl edition of "Add It Up (1981-1993)" is housed in a gatefold jacket and was pressed at the Memphis Recording Pressing with lacquers cut by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. This new release is a must-have in any record collection, because the Violent Femmes were one of the pioneers of alternative music and their songs are timeless, being passed down from generation to generation. To find out more about this new vinyl issue of the Violent Femmes compilation "Add It Up (1981-1993)," please visit

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Circus Mind and Spirits Burning Return With New Music

New York-based rock outfit Circus Mind have returned with their brand new album titled "Joy Machine." It will be released on May 21st and includes some specials guests, including Nels Cline, Ivan Neville and Marc Ribot just to name a few. They start the album off with the funky, soulful all-out rock assault of "Are You Ready," which features a phenomenal solo from guest guitarist Brandon "Taz" Niederauer. Circus Mind deliver a southern sounding anthem with the title track "Joy Machine," featuring some sweet blues licks from the guitar of Scott Metzger, while the smooth, laid-back jam of "Longing Song" highlighted by the addition of Nels Cline floating guitar melody. The band travel down to Bourbon Street with the help of Ivan Neville and Big Sam for "Jazzfest Time," a tribute to the New Orleans festival. Circus Mind finish up their new album with a return to the funky beats of the instrumental "Nutbag," which includes some stellar guitar work from Marc Ribot," along the slow blues of the album closer "Troubled Times," featuring Walter "Wolfman" Washington and Bill Titus. To find out more about Circus Mind and their latest release "Joy Machine," please visit

Also returning with more new great music is the progressive rock ensemble, Spirits Burning. Their new album titled "Evolution Ritual" will be released on June 4th through Noh Poetry Records, featuring seventeen acoustic-based tracks and some guest spots from members of Hawkwind, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, Van Der Graaf Generator and many, many more. The new album begins with a relaxed, Middle-Eastern influenced sound to "Evolution Ritual," while "Caves" paints the perfect picture in your mind of what it would sound like to be exploring stalagmites and stalactites. The rhythm builds up the energy for the jazzy vibe of "The Laws Of Umber" and then relaxes once again for the classical appeal of "Abandoned Habitat." Spirits Burning also incorporate a southern, backporch country sound into their new album with the feel-good melody of "Strolling Into The Future." They continue to keep you guessing with each track, as they shift their sounds from the classical touch of "Seasiders" and "Outside World" to the New Orleans jazz flavor of "Alternating Universes" and the worldly tones of "Night Of The Moon Dial." To find out more about Spirits Burning and their latest release "Evolution Ritual," please visit

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Get A Lesson In Drumming With New Releases From Big Paul Ferguson and Corky Laing

Big Paul Ferguson, drummer and founding member of the iconic post-punk band Killing Joke, is preparing the release of his debut solo album "Virtual Control" on June 25th. The album features 10 original tracks, beginning with the full-on intensity of "Lapdogs," which finds Ferguson taking on a more modern, hard-edged sound, led by his superior drumming. Tribal drumming and searing guitars blaze a trail for Big Paul's monotone vocals to give the song "Shiny Toys" an electronic, futuristic appeal. The album's lead single "Extrapolate" is more in-line with what Killing Joke fans will remember, as the song delivers a hard-hitting energetic rhythm, along with poetic lyrics delivered in a Gothic-rock-like tone. Former Marilyn Manson bandmate Tim Skold lends his talents to the dark, industrial rock sound of "Seeping Through The Cracks," which sounds like a buzzsaw ripping your head in two. Big Paul Ferguson wraps up his new album with the heavy pounding of "Glass Houses," which truly displays Fergusons' unique drumming style, along with the quieter, atmospheric closer "Dystopian Vibe" featuring support from Die Krupps' Jurgen Engler. To find out more about Big Paul Ferguson and his latest release "Virtual Control," please visit

Let us also not forget the latest release from legendary drummer Corky Laing from the classic rock band, Mountain. His latest album "Toledo Sessions" revives the spirit of Mountain, as Corky summons the spirits of founding members Felix Pappalardi and Leslie West, spread across nine new tracks. The album kicks off with the big guitar sound of "Beautiful Flies," as Corky's drumming and vocals sound timeless. The album continues with the nostalgic sounding power ballad "The Road Goes On" and the Cream-sounding blues of "Knock Me Over." Corky Laing's Mountain also showcases a progressive rock sound with the eight-minute hard assault of "How's The Weather," as the band is firing on all cylinders. The album finishes with the wonderful harmonies of "Earthquake" and the arena-shaker "Hell Yeah," as you will want to shout out the chorus along with Corky Laing. To find out more about the latest release "Toledo Sessions" from Corky Laing's Mountain, please visit

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

John Palumbo Welcomes You To "Hollywood Blvd" & Marcus Singletary Becomes A "Power Player"

Arriving Friday, May 21st through Carry On Music is "Hollywood Blvd," the new solo album from Crack The Sky singer/musician John Palumbo. This is Palumbo's fifth solo release and allows him to breakaway from the band's progressive rock expectations with a set twelve new tracks. The album kicks of with the solid pounding rhythm of the title-track "Hollywood Blvd," as John lets his guitar work do most of the talking on this opening track. The music gets a little more funky with the danceable backdrop of "How It Feels To Be Me," while his vocals stay monotone, allowing the music to deliver the energy. The mood turns darker on "Shutdown," before the rocking explosion of "Funky Town," which is motored by a blazing guitar solo. The beautiful melody of "A Lovely Day," reminds me of a great George Harrison solo piece, while "Man On Fire" delivers some modern day blues. John Palumbo brings the energy up once again with the nostalgic rock/pop tone of "Nothing To Lose," before closing his new album with the slow burn of "Crazy," as John has you questioning everything, along with the mainstream, alternative pop of "Shadowboxing." To find out more about John Palumbo and his latest release "Hollywood Blvd," please visit

We also have the latest release from the multi-talented artist Marcus Singletary, who's latest EP "Power Player" reimagines four classic tunes from the 1960's. He starts off with the upbeat pop hit "California Sun," made famous by The Rivieras, in which Marcus strips the song back to allow the lyrics and his guitar deliver the fun in the sun. Next, he delivers the blues of the Robert Johnson original "Love In Vain," peeling off some classic guitar riffs. Marcus wraps up his short new release with an all out punk-like assault of The Yardbirds' "Shape Of Things" and the classic theme for the open road "Born To Be Wild," in which is slows down to deliver a bluesier sound to the song. To find out more about Marcus Singletary and his latest release "Power Player," please visit

Monday, May 17, 2021

Energize Your Day With New Punk Music From Latewaves and the Skids

On June 4th, Know Hope Records will unleash the full-length debut album from the New Jersey power-punk band, Latewaves. Their new album titled "Hell To Pay" features eleven tracks, beginning with the steady pace of the opener "Extra Pale," which carries a raw, addictive alternative rock vibe. They energy picks up with the sing-along style chorus of "Stroke Of Luck (How Long)," as the song has a more polished feel than its predecessor. Latewaves also showcase a nostalgic sound with "Enough Is Enough," which could also feel at home on any early-2000s playlist. The band's youthful punk energy burns on the garage rock sounding "Guaranteed Burnouts," while also capturing that mainstream pop-punk recipe perfectly on the anthem "Too Much." Latewaves finish off their new album with the big guitar riffs of "Acting Out" and the most melodic track on the album "Hell To Pay." To find out more about Latewaves and their latest release "Hell To Pay," please visit

Scottish punk legends the Skids are also releasing new music on June 4th titled "Songs From A Haunted Ballroom" through Cleopatra Records. It features fourteen cover songs that pay tribute to their hometown venue, the Kinema Ballroom in Dunfermline, Scotland. It was where the Skids were influenced by bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols performing during the late '70s, early '80s punk movement. The album kicks off with the Skids delivering a totally energized version of Ultravox's "Young Savage" and a raw, rebellious version of The Clash's "Complete Control." They blast through an intense version of Nick Lowe's "Heart Of The City" and step out of their comfort zone for a stellar version of David Essex's "Rock On." The Skids also give Russ Ballard's famous seventies hit "New York Groove " a work out with larger than life guitar riffs. They wrap up their new covers album with spot on tribute to Iggy and The Stooges with "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and one of the only original tracks on the album, the new Scottish holiday classic "Christmas In Fife." To find out more about the Skids and their latest release "Song From A Haunted Ballroom," please visit

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Laura Meade Becomes "Most Dangerous Woman In America" & Darryl Way Plans New "Destinations"

Arriving May 21st from Doone Records is the solo sophomore release "The Most Dangerous Woman In America" from Laura Meade, lead singer of the progressive rock ensemble IZZ. The album was written with fellow IZZ bandmate John Galgano during the shut down of the pandemic and features members of the band performing the music. Her ten-track release begins with a short introduction, which leads up to the more pop-oriented feel of "Leaving." Laura's voice switches from the soft and soothing sounds that open the song "Burned At The Stake," before then finishing with a strong, assertive tone. The music of "End Of The Road In Hollywood" gets a little jazzy, while the title-track "The Most Dangerous Woman In America" allows her talents as a singer and songwriter to shine on this progressive rock song. Laura finishes up her new album with the grand rock appeal of "Forgive Me" and the building power of the closer "Tell Me Love." To find out more about Laura Meade and her latest release "The Most Dangerous Woman In America," please visit

Next, get ready to hop aboard for a trip with legendary violist Darryl Way and his new "Destinations 2" album. His new twelve-track release begins with the Egyptian feel of "Alhambra Knights" and the grand, progressive rock approach of "Mother Earth." The energy continues to flow through the intensity of "Banquet Of The Vanities," before taking a trip to France with the mellow, jazzy vibe of "Cafe de Paris." The music simply floats along the "Ocean Blues," as you can feel the emotion Darryl puts into each of his instrumental performances. He tries adding a bit of a country twang to "Choctaw Ridge" and a Latin flair to "Fiesta Mexicana," before closing his new album with the stellar, classical violin work of "Hungarian Rhapsody" and the uplifting folk-style message of "Across The River Wide." To find out more about Darryl Way and his latest release "Destinations 2," please visit

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Check Out New Versions Of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and Gentle Giant's "Free Hand" Albums

Members of progressive rock giants Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Dream Theater and other have come together to pay homage to the timeless Pink Floyd album "Wish You Were Here." The Pink Floyd album has been re-recorded in its entirety and will available on May 28th from Cleopatra Records on CD and colored vinyl.  The album starts off with Steve Hackett, Billy Sheehan, Mel Collins, Geoff Downes and Ian Pace providing the music of the opener "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)," while former Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate supplies some amazing vocals to this opening track. Recent Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Todd Rundgren teams up with the legendary Rick Wakeman and Tony Levin on a spaced-out version of "Welcome To The Machine," before Steve Stevens and James LaBrie lead the electrifying charge of "Have A Cigar." The title track, "Wish You Were Here" flows by gracefully with the stellar guitar work of Joe Satriani, before finishing the album with a funked-up version of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)," led by Rod Argent, Steve Hillage and the great Bootsy Collins. To find out more about "Still Wish You Were Here: A Tribute To Pink Floyd," please visit

Award-winning English musician/producer Steve Wilson is remixing prog-rock legends Gentle Giant's 1975 album "Free Hand" for a new release on June 25th. The album will feature a Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound, accompanied by new animated visuals on the Blu-ray release, along with the original flat mix, the 1975 quad mix and instrumentals on CD. The original flat mix and the new Steve Wilson remix will appear together in a new vinyl package. The new remix brings Gentle Giant's "Free Hand" album to life, with the horns jumping from the speakers on the opening track "Just The Same" and the keyboards and drums taking control of the title track "Free Hand." The album wraps up with an all out rock assault on the closing track "Mobile" that simply jumps from your speakers. To find out more about this new remixed edition of Gentle Giant's album "Free Hand," please visit

Friday, May 14, 2021

Get Back To Your Roots With New Music From Nineteen Hand Horse featuring Nathalie Archangel and Maria Muldaur featuring Tuba Skinny

Arriving May 21st is the debut release "Revel" from the country roots band, Nineteen Hand Horse featuring lead vocalist Nathalie Archangel. Fans may recognize Archangel from her work with Bette Midler, Frankie Vallie and Howard Jones. The band's new ten song release begins with the nostalgic country duet of "Just Another Honky Tonk Night, which brings up memories of George Jones and Tammy Wynette or Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. The album continues with the dark, spaghetti-western themed "The Withering Romance Of Trains" and the gallop, country blues of "19 Hand Tale." The rockabilly flavor of "Better As A Goddess (Than A Lover)" highlights Nathalie's rich, pure, attitude-infused vocals, while "Revel" has a slinky, country two-step shuffle rhythm. Nineteen Hand Horse closes out their new album with the upbeat, swinging twangy tempo of "Fete Ginette" and the steady, guitar-driven melody of "Ghost Train." To find out more about Nineteen Hand Horse and their latest release "Revel," please visit

Roots music artist Maria Muldaur recently released her new album "Let's Get Happy Together" with New Orleans-based street band, Tuba Skinny. Their new twelve song release wastes no time taking you down to Bourbon Street with the jazzy shuffle of the opening track "I Like You Best Of All." Maria has a special talent of bringing songs that are nearly a century old back to their shining glory, as in "Let's Get Happy Together" and "Swing You Sinners." Tuba Skinny are the perfect match to Maria's nostalgic singing on the Irving Berlin classic "He Ain't Got Rhythm" and the sweet, smooth-as-silk-sounding style of "I Go For That." Maria Muldaur and Tuba Skinny wrap up their new album with the slow-moving bluesy ballad "Some Sweet Day" and the final trip around New Orleans with the soulful melody of "Road Of Stone." To find out more about Maria Muldaur and her latest release "Let's Get Happy Together," please visit

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Expand Your Musical Palette With Three-Layer Cake, Humanbeing and Almog Sharvit

The trio of Mike Watt on bass, Mike Pride on drums and Brandon Seabrook on guitar overcame the obstacle of the pandemic lockdown to create their first album together as Three-Layer Cake. The eight track release titled "Stove Top" came about as a the passing of drum tracks, bass rhythms and guitar riffs made their way around to each musician, adding their own "layer" to the song, creating some unique progressive rock/jazz fusion pieces. The album begins with the extremely experimental opener "Beautified, Bedraggled and Bombed," as Brandon's work on the banjo takes the "cake." They turn the energy up a notch with the raw, garage rock sounding "Big Burner," while "A Durable Quest" is an eight-minute journey into sound finds the trio quietly treading into unknown musical territory. The excitement of "Tiller" will have you following every note intently, as the music switches directions on a moments notice. Three-Layer Cake wrap up their new album with "Primary Fuel," a collage of sounds that make up a great progressive rock piece, along with the two-minute "Ballad Of The Gobsmacked," highlighted by Pride's work on the bells. To find out more about Three Layer Cake and their latest release "Stove Top," please visit

Arriving later this month from Rare Noise Records is the latest project from multi-instrumentalist Rossano Baldini titled "Humanbeing." This new album is looking to establish Rossano as an electronic artist, creating soundscapes that are themed around the human body. The album begins with "Flesh," as you can almost image the music scaling and searching across the body, as Rossano adds little bumps of piano which may echo imperfections on the skin. The steady flow of "Blood" feels like the lifeline of the album, as its energy is constant, while the melody of  "Lungs" flow back and forth in a heavy breathing rhythm. The "Humanbeing" album closes with the electronic pulsations of "Liver" and the ambient, warming, loving feel of the "Heart." To find out more about Rossano Baldini and his latest endevour as Humanbeing, please visit

Thirdly, we have the debut release from New York bassist Almog Sharvit titled "Get Up Or Cry." Almog has been a member of the jazz trio Kadawa, along with other various musical acts, but is now on his own with six new compositions, beginning with the upbeat, swinging rhythm of "Dear Hunter." The music gets even larger on the modern jazz fusion of "Roller Disco," while "Mx Bean" has a calmer, gentler flow to the more atmospheric melody. Almog finishes his short new album with the exciting, funky breaks of "We'll Get Back To You" and the beautiful, floating touch of "Open Wound," which adds a little instrumental experimenting on the closing minute of the track. To find out more about Almog Sharvit and his latest release "Get Up Or Cry," please visit

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Dives Into The Vault For New Releases From Steve Goodman and The Palace Guard

The songs written by Steve Goodman should be discussed along side some other greats like James Taylor, Jim Croce and Cat Stevens. As a solo artist, Steve Goodman never achieved the commercial success of his fellow peers, but his songs have blossomed under the direction of different artists, including Arlo Guthrie, Willie Nelson and Judy Collins just to name a few. Steve passed away from leukemia in 1984, but new recordings of his music continues to be discovered and released, including the latest album from Steve Goodman, "It Sure Looked Good On Paper." This new release arrives on May 14th through Omnivore Recordings and features twenty demo recordings from throughout Goodman's career. The songs have been cleaned-up and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Michael Graves and Grammy-winning producer Cheryl Pawelski, and have never sounded better.

Beginning with the well-known, Grammy award-winning song "City Of New Orleans," you easily get lost in this new collection of solo acoustic and first take band tracks. It sounds as if Steve Goodman is singing these songs just to you, like the gentle touch of "Would You Like To Learn To Dance and the beautiful, simplified touch of "Jazzman." The sound of his band targeted seventies pop, as displayed in the songs "Hands On Time" and "Eight Ball Blues." This set will quickly remind you of not only how great a songwriter Steve Goodman was, but also how great of a singer he was as well. All of the tracks on this release are previously unreleased and some hidden gems are songs that Goodman wrote for soundtracks, including "Six Pack" and "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid." This new release wraps up with Steve Goodman performing a slow-moving, graceful version of the traditional folk classic "The Water Is Wide." To find out more about this latest release from Steve Goodman titled "It Sure Looked Good On Paper," please visit

Also arriving soon from Omnivore Recordings is a brand new compilation of Emitt Rhodes' first band, The Palace Guard. The new release titled "All Night Long: An Anthology 1965-1967" features twelve tracks that the band recorded, before Rhodes departure from the band to form his second band, The Merry-Go-Round. The sound of The Palace Guard was the quintessential music coming from Los Angeles during the sixties. Songs like "All Night Long" and "Falling Sugar" will certainly transport you back to simpler times, as the band's harmonies looked to mirror that of their fellow Californians, The Beach Boys. The Palace Guard delivered a less polished sound on tracks like "Saturday's Child" and "Greed," which showcased a band still trying to fit in with what was popular at the time. The final two tracks ("Little People" and "Summertime Game") on this new compilation include the vocal contribution of Don Grady, who came from television fame as an actor on "My Three Sons." To find out more about "All Night Long: An Anthology 1965-1967" by The Palace Guard, please visit

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Music From Indie-Artists Carl Weingarten, Jon Allen and Tommy Z

Back in February, multi-instrumentalist Carl Weingarten released his latest album titled "Ember Days" through Multiphase Records. It features work that Carl created during the COVID-19 shut down, as Carl felt had nothing else to do but create music on his own. After working with the instruments at his home in developing this new music, he invited some guest to help shape the songs remotely. This new ten track release is the result of Carl Weingarten's pandemic lock down. It begins with "Round Robin," a steady rhythm highlighted by flowing guitars that continue to lift your spirits, as if you were soaring through the skies. He gentle floats along with the ambient soundscape of "Brother Mountain," before experimenting with the guitar pedal effects of "Goodbye Sun," which adds another dimension to the music. The subtle sounds of "Geola" has you following every note of this bluesy instrumental, while "Skying Out" leaves more that could be added to this atmospheric musical piece. Carl Weingarten finishes his new album with the beautiful progression of "A Solitary Interlude" and the beautiful piano ballad "What The Raindrops Saw (Cafe Mix)." To find out more about Carl Weingarten and his latest release "Ember Days," please visit

U.K.-based singer, songwriter Jon Allen is preparing to release his new album "...Meanwhile" on May21st on OK!Good Records. Allen was discovered by Dire Straits' Marc Knopfler back in 2006 and since then has supported artists like Damien Rice, Seal, Brian May and Dionne Warwick. His new eleven track release begin with the slow-moving blues of "Blame It All On Me," before taking the energy up another notch for the addictive, alt-pop melody of "Can't Hold Back The Sun." His distinctive vocals shine on the dark, mellow tone of "Cruel World," while "Mercy" carries a classic folk vibe with a message of forgiveness. He lightens up the mood once again with the bright, up-lifting acoustic pop feel of "Suzanne," before reverting back to the emotional blues of "How Long." Jon Allen wraps up his new album with positivity of "Hold On," which will brighten your spirits, along with the quiet reflection of "Wrong." To find out more about Jon Allen and his latest release "...Meanwhile," please visit

Now, lets turn up the volume with the latest release from blues/rock artist Tommy Z. Tommy supported such legendary acts as Jimmie Vaughan and Robert Cray and is a member of Buffalo's Music Hall of Fame. His new album "Plug In & Play" features eleven tracks that elevate your idea of the blues, as Tommy's band and guitar playing are simply outstanding. The album kicks off with the high-energy instrumental "Pumpin' (Let's Have Fun)" and the funk-infused rock of "Tommy Guns." Tommy Z gets down and dirty with the slow, back-alley blues cover of "Please Come Back To Me," before bringing the energy back up with the classic, straight-up rock and roll swagger of the title-track "Plug In & Play." The boogie-woogie guitar shuffle of "DYD" is very refreshing, while "Scowler" carries a big, thick guitar sound that highlights Tommy Z's amazing songwriting. He finishes off his new album with the slow, steady blues of "Ain't Gonna Wait" and the slinky, mellow, rockabilly guitar-style of "Sticky Lips." To find out more about Tommy Z and his latest release "Plug In & Play," please visit

Monday, May 10, 2021

The Go-Go's Celebrate 20 Years Of Their Comeback Album "God Bless The Go-Go's"

The iconic, all-female band, The Go-Go's are looking to head back out on the road later this year. They have a lot to celebrate, not only have they been nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but they also have a new award-winning documentary and their latest is a new 20th anniversary edition of their 2001 reunion album "God Bless The Go-Go's." This new release arrive May14th through Eagle Records on CD, vinyl and in digital format. This is the first time that the original version of the album will appear with the original artwork on blue-colored vinyl and the CD version includes two bonus tracks, which were only available outside of the US.

The album "God Bless The Go-Go's" ended a seventeen year hiatus between albums and finds the band returning to their punk-like form on songs like "La La Land," "Unforgiven" and "Throw Me A Curve." This album also included some special guests, including Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Foo Fighters Rami Jaffee. The Go-Go's seemed less concerned about writing a pop single, than making sure this new set of songs rocked, as they showcased that they could still deliver an edginess to their music, as in "Stuck In My Car" and "Kissing Asphalt." The two bonus tracks consist of the high-energy, classic Go-Go's sound of the U.K. only release "I Think I Need Sleep" and the harmony-fueled Japan only release "King Of Confusion." For more information on this new 20th anniversary release of "God Bless The Go-Go's," as well as upcoming tour dates, please visit

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Amy Winehouse Shines Bright Once Again With Her New "At The BBC" Release

Anything new from Amy Winehouse is welcomed with open arms, as she left us way too soon, on her rise to the top. He latest release is "Amy Winehouse At The BBC," which collects many of her appearances on the program for a new triple vinyl or 3-disc set. Each disc or LP is categorized, with the first one featuring a tribute to Amy from Jools Holland, who gathered some of his favorite performances of Winehouse on his show, "Later With Jools Holland."  It begins with the slow, sultry jazz of "Stronger Than Me," before Amy pulls off her greatest impression of Billie Holiday during the ballad "Teach Me Tonight." She rips through her biggest single "Rehab" and the plays around with the ska cover of The Maytals' "Monkey Man." One of the highlights is Amy' rare performance of Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through The Grapevine," which she duets on with Paul Weller and Jools Holland.

The second disc consists of her individual sessions at the BBC between 2004-2009. I wish that they grouped the performances together with crowd noise so it flowed like one fluid show, but you get some special versions of her classic songs. It seems that Amy's performances play up to the larger crowds as with "Just Friends" live at the Big Band Special in 2009, while also adding her special touch to such classics as "Lullaby Of Birdland" and "To Know Him Is To Love Him." The more intimate delivery of her songs "You Know I'm No Good" and "Tears Dry On Their Own" from the Jo Whiley Live Lounge have that special live, in-studio feel, as if she was performing just for you.

The third part of this set features a complete show from Amy Winehouse live at Portchester Hall in London. This show allows for her band, The Dap Kings to shine, as the setlist touches upon every point of her career, with plenty of tracks from her two studio albums "Back To Black" and "Frank." Once again, her version of the ska classic "Monkey Man" steals the show. This also demonstrates how each time Amy Winehouse performs a song, it takes on a different feel that fits the mood of the moment, as you will notice with the multiple versions of songs on this set. The sound is amazing and makes me wonder why it took so long to release this set. This new release also includes a 20-page booklet with many rare photographs. To find out more about "Amy Winehouse At The BBC," please visit

Saturday, May 8, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Blazon Rite, Pharaoh, Oxblood Forge and Entierro

Arriving May 28th is the full-length debut release from the Philadelphia metal band, Blazon Rite. They released their short EP just last year and are now ready to give you the full assault with their new album "Endless Halls Of Golden Totem." Their new eight-song release begins with the thunderous pounding rhythm of the opening track "Legends Of Time And Eidolon," which showcases the band's very epic sounding metal approach. They continue to flex their metal muscle on the swift pace of "Put Down Your Steel (Only For The Night)" and display a glimpse of progressive metal with the amazing deliver of the title track "Endless Halls Of Golden Totem." Blazon Rite pick up the intensity with the hard-hitting attack of "Alchemist's Brute," before closing with the build-up of "Into Shore Of Blood," which just explodes with aggression and energy. To find out more about Blazon Rite and their latest release "Endless Halls Of Golden Totem," please visit

Then in June, we have the long, awaited arrival of the new full-length album from Pharaoh titled "The Powers That Be." It is the band first release of new music in nine years and features nine new heavy metal anthems, beginning with with intense, quick-moving pace of the title-track "The Powers That Be." The band's timeless energy and aggression continues to flow through the melodic metal delivery of "We Will Rise" and "Lost In The Waves." Pharaoh still display a chip on their shoulder with the swift-moving, heavy pounding rhythm of "Ride Us To Hell" and "Freedom," before wrapping up their new album with the progressive metal approach of "Dying Sun" and the electrifying conclusion of "I Can Hear Them." To find out more about Pharaoh and their latest release "The Powers That Be," please visit

Also arriving in June is the third full-length release from Boston heavy metal band, Oxblood Forge. Their new nine-track release titled "Decimator" begins with with the screaming vocals of "Into The Abyss" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Spirits Of Vengeance." The aggression and intensity continue to flow through the sonic blast of "Mortal Salience" and "Screams From Silence," as Oxblood Forge have their feet planted firmly in the soil of classic thrash/doom metal. They finish off their new album paying homage to their heavy metal roots with a cover of Angel Witch's "Sorceress" and then taking you on an epic, eight-minute adventure of "Ironbound." To find out more about Oxblood Forge and their latest release "Decimator," please visit

Finally we arrive at Connecticut's new, rising heavy metal band, Entierro. They are also preparing the release of some new music in June. Their new five-song EP "El Camazotz" starts out with the blazing guitars of "The Penance," which carries a nostalgic metal vibe, while also delivering a modern driving force behind the music. Entierro deliver thrash metal speed and energy with the sound of "The Tower," before finishing with the solid, electrifying guitar solo work of "El Camazotz" and an amazing cover of Judas Priest's "Call For The Priest." To find out more about Entierro and their latest release "El Camazotz," please visit