Thursday, May 20, 2021

Circus Mind and Spirits Burning Return With New Music

New York-based rock outfit Circus Mind have returned with their brand new album titled "Joy Machine." It will be released on May 21st and includes some specials guests, including Nels Cline, Ivan Neville and Marc Ribot just to name a few. They start the album off with the funky, soulful all-out rock assault of "Are You Ready," which features a phenomenal solo from guest guitarist Brandon "Taz" Niederauer. Circus Mind deliver a southern sounding anthem with the title track "Joy Machine," featuring some sweet blues licks from the guitar of Scott Metzger, while the smooth, laid-back jam of "Longing Song" highlighted by the addition of Nels Cline floating guitar melody. The band travel down to Bourbon Street with the help of Ivan Neville and Big Sam for "Jazzfest Time," a tribute to the New Orleans festival. Circus Mind finish up their new album with a return to the funky beats of the instrumental "Nutbag," which includes some stellar guitar work from Marc Ribot," along the slow blues of the album closer "Troubled Times," featuring Walter "Wolfman" Washington and Bill Titus. To find out more about Circus Mind and their latest release "Joy Machine," please visit

Also returning with more new great music is the progressive rock ensemble, Spirits Burning. Their new album titled "Evolution Ritual" will be released on June 4th through Noh Poetry Records, featuring seventeen acoustic-based tracks and some guest spots from members of Hawkwind, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, Van Der Graaf Generator and many, many more. The new album begins with a relaxed, Middle-Eastern influenced sound to "Evolution Ritual," while "Caves" paints the perfect picture in your mind of what it would sound like to be exploring stalagmites and stalactites. The rhythm builds up the energy for the jazzy vibe of "The Laws Of Umber" and then relaxes once again for the classical appeal of "Abandoned Habitat." Spirits Burning also incorporate a southern, backporch country sound into their new album with the feel-good melody of "Strolling Into The Future." They continue to keep you guessing with each track, as they shift their sounds from the classical touch of "Seasiders" and "Outside World" to the New Orleans jazz flavor of "Alternating Universes" and the worldly tones of "Night Of The Moon Dial." To find out more about Spirits Burning and their latest release "Evolution Ritual," please visit

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