Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Discover More, With Great New Music From Yoonmi Choi, Nick Finzer and Curtis J. Stewart

New York City pianist, composer Yoonmi Choi is preparing to release her new album "7 Days" on May 28th on the NextLevel label. This album was inspired by her visit to Sistine Chapel in Italy, and the paintings by Michelangelo. Yoonmi's new release features seven songs that are themed around the first seven days of existence, beginning with "1st Day: Let There Be Light." The notes begin as individual pieces which them come together to form the melody of the opening, uplifting song, along with the chaotic drum interlude of Samvel Sarkisyan. The album takes on a jazzier tone with "2nd Day: When He Sees The Sky," as this musical trio, which includes Miles Sloniker on bass, work in unison on a common theme. Samvel's drums lead the way on "3rd Day: Land From The Sea," before the gracefulness of Yoonmi's piano takes over. The album closes with the eight-minute jam of "6th Day: Here We Are," which features a stellar bass solo from Miles Sloniker, along with the fabulous run of keys by Yoonmi Choi, and also the relaxed, laid back melody of "7th Day: It Was Good." To find out more about Yoomi Choi and her latest release "7 Days," please visit

Jazz trombonist and band leader Nick Finzer recorded his new live album "Cast Of Characters" back on Leap Day 2020. Then the lockdown hit and Nick held on to that recording until 2021, and on May 21st he was able to release his new three-song EP "Cast Of Characters Live From Denton" from Outside In Music. It was recorded at the University of North Texas and includes former members of the faculty along with students to create this unique jazz experience. The album begins with the eight-minute energetic run of "A Sorcerer (Is A Myth)," which shows the full potential of Nick's band right from the opening notes. He keeps the liveliness flowing with some amazing solo piece during "Evolution Of Perspective," before finishing with the more elegant, graceful touch of "Patience, Patience," which slowly climbs to its climatic close. To find out more about Nick Finzer and his latest release "Cast Of Characters Live From Denton," please visit

Lastly we have the latest release titled "Of Power" from Grammy nominated jazz artist Curtis J. Stewart, which will be released on June 18th through the Bright Shiny Things label. It features seventeen tracks that revolve around the idea of resistance and resilience, beginning with Curtis' stellar solo violin work on the opening piece "Louisiana Blues Strut - A Cakewalk," which displays a southern style to his sound. He delivers a more classical sounding piece with "Improvisation 1 On Paganini Caprice #11," then showcases another version of this piece with the addition of electronics, which gives the music a more modern sound. The album features reimaged works by Charlie Parker ("Scrapple"), John Coltrane ("After The Rain") and Stevie Wonder ("Isn't She Lovely"), as Curtis adds some electronics to the songs, which makes them almsot unrecognizable, while leaving others just as a solo violin piece. His experimentation really excels on the original songs "Shook - Sum1" and "Our Past Is A Privilege," which sound like a rebellious electronic collage, while "Magic Might" floats on by with grace and emotion. To find out more about Curtis J. Stewart and his latest release "Of Power," please visit

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