Sunday, May 23, 2021

Discover New Music From Rymo, Derev and Oxygene8

Slightly Stoopid drummer Ryan Moran, who goes by the name of Rymo, just released his new solo album "Kinetic" through Controlled Substance Sound Labs. The new sixteen track set begins with "Symmetry 7," a short drum solo, featuring Farzam Salami, which leads you right into the more graceful, instrumental rock melody of "Kinetic." Rymo experiments with different drum techniques with rhythm-fueled "Palindrome" and the more funky "Spy Theme," which includes bass work from special guest Tony Levin (King Crimson). The way Rymo's music tells a story without words is simply amazing, as in "Mr. Roboto Visits The Outback" and "Megalodon," as you are mesmerized by each note and drumbeat. He jazzes things up with "Cubism," then mellows out with the smooth, laid-back vibe of "Hearin' Everywhere," featuring help from fellow bandmate Paul Wolstencroft. Rymo wraps up his new album with the Middle Eastern tone of "Didg-y-tar" and the floating six-minute escape of "Dream Flight." To find out more about Rymo and his latest release "Kinetic," please visit

Canadian progressive metal band, Derev recently released their debut EP titled "Leap Of Faith." It features six tracks, beginning with a short, atmospheric instrumental, before Derev unleash their beast-of-a-sound with the opening song "Turab." The band's excellent musicianship is on display during the eight-minute metal assault of "Futile," while "Delayed" delivers more mainstream rock appeal. Derev close out their new album with a taste of all their influences from jazz to metal during the nearly nine-minute epic "Ghost Of Guilt." To find out more about Derev and their latest release "Leap Of Faith," please visit

Last, but not least, we have the new two-song EP from progressive music artist Linda Cushma's band, Oxygene8. The album is titled "Rhino" and was conceived and recorded during the pandemic, when all human and animal life where scrambling for safety. The opening track "Rhino" starts out with a heavy, rhythmic beginning, that turns into a funky, electrifying rock instrumental filled to the brim with energy. The flipside track is "Santa Monica" which displays two different moods, a more relaxed, melodic tone then switches into a hard rock assault. To find out more about Oxygene8 and their latest release "Rhino," please visit

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The CUSHMA Lab said...

Hi JP, thank you for listening and taking the time to review the RHINO EP!
- Linda Cushma Oxygene8