Thursday, May 27, 2021

Enjoy The Southern Hospitality Of Swift Silver & Then Head Out West For The Tenth Mountain Division

Arriving June 4th, is the self-titled debut album from the southern songwriting duo of Anna Kline and John Looney, who go by the name Swift Silver. The band consists of Kline and Looney, along with brothers Kenny and Hayden Miles. Their new album consists of nine tracks, beginning with the slow-moving "Belleville Blues," as you are introduced to Anna's strong southern-style vocals. They continue with the country-style, blues ballad "We've Given Up On Us," before the band open-up with some stellar guitar solos on the seven-minute blues of "Looking Back." They finally pick the tempo up with the country rocker "Come On Home To Yourself," as Anna's vocals lead the charge once again. John steps up to the mic for the downhome soulful, southern feel of "The Fields Have Turned Brown," which is a nice balance between John and Anna's vocals. Swift Silver close out their new album with a pair of gentle country ballads, "We All Get Out Turn" and "Ain't Wrecked Yet." To find out more about Swift Silver and their new self-titled release, please visit

Also on the horizon is the latest release from Colorado's independent soulful rock band, Tenth Mountain Division (TMD) titled "Butte La Rose." It features ten tracks that are soaked with American flavor. Right from the opening chords of "Hot Sweaty South," you are swept away to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, before taken to the beaches of the California coast with the classic sixties pop tones of "Sad Summer." Next, they invite you to enjoy the beauty of their home state with the soaring guitar solos of "Spring Chicken," which gives you the feeling of floating over the Colorado mountains. TMD then deliver the blues with "Get Out Of My Head," before finding their way through the seventies funk-style of "Girl Like You," and then finishing up with the Americana folk ballad "Big Blue Sky." To find out more about Tenth Mountain Division and their latest release "Butte La Rose," please visit

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anna K. said...

Thanks so much for the Swift Silver shout-out! We appreciate it.