Thursday, May 13, 2021

Expand Your Musical Palette With Three-Layer Cake, Humanbeing and Almog Sharvit

The trio of Mike Watt on bass, Mike Pride on drums and Brandon Seabrook on guitar overcame the obstacle of the pandemic lockdown to create their first album together as Three-Layer Cake. The eight track release titled "Stove Top" came about as a the passing of drum tracks, bass rhythms and guitar riffs made their way around to each musician, adding their own "layer" to the song, creating some unique progressive rock/jazz fusion pieces. The album begins with the extremely experimental opener "Beautified, Bedraggled and Bombed," as Brandon's work on the banjo takes the "cake." They turn the energy up a notch with the raw, garage rock sounding "Big Burner," while "A Durable Quest" is an eight-minute journey into sound finds the trio quietly treading into unknown musical territory. The excitement of "Tiller" will have you following every note intently, as the music switches directions on a moments notice. Three-Layer Cake wrap up their new album with "Primary Fuel," a collage of sounds that make up a great progressive rock piece, along with the two-minute "Ballad Of The Gobsmacked," highlighted by Pride's work on the bells. To find out more about Three Layer Cake and their latest release "Stove Top," please visit

Arriving later this month from Rare Noise Records is the latest project from multi-instrumentalist Rossano Baldini titled "Humanbeing." This new album is looking to establish Rossano as an electronic artist, creating soundscapes that are themed around the human body. The album begins with "Flesh," as you can almost image the music scaling and searching across the body, as Rossano adds little bumps of piano which may echo imperfections on the skin. The steady flow of "Blood" feels like the lifeline of the album, as its energy is constant, while the melody of  "Lungs" flow back and forth in a heavy breathing rhythm. The "Humanbeing" album closes with the electronic pulsations of "Liver" and the ambient, warming, loving feel of the "Heart." To find out more about Rossano Baldini and his latest endevour as Humanbeing, please visit

Thirdly, we have the debut release from New York bassist Almog Sharvit titled "Get Up Or Cry." Almog has been a member of the jazz trio Kadawa, along with other various musical acts, but is now on his own with six new compositions, beginning with the upbeat, swinging rhythm of "Dear Hunter." The music gets even larger on the modern jazz fusion of "Roller Disco," while "Mx Bean" has a calmer, gentler flow to the more atmospheric melody. Almog finishes his short new album with the exciting, funky breaks of "We'll Get Back To You" and the beautiful, floating touch of "Open Wound," which adds a little instrumental experimenting on the closing minute of the track. To find out more about Almog Sharvit and his latest release "Get Up Or Cry," please visit

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