Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Get A Lesson In Drumming With New Releases From Big Paul Ferguson and Corky Laing

Big Paul Ferguson, drummer and founding member of the iconic post-punk band Killing Joke, is preparing the release of his debut solo album "Virtual Control" on June 25th. The album features 10 original tracks, beginning with the full-on intensity of "Lapdogs," which finds Ferguson taking on a more modern, hard-edged sound, led by his superior drumming. Tribal drumming and searing guitars blaze a trail for Big Paul's monotone vocals to give the song "Shiny Toys" an electronic, futuristic appeal. The album's lead single "Extrapolate" is more in-line with what Killing Joke fans will remember, as the song delivers a hard-hitting energetic rhythm, along with poetic lyrics delivered in a Gothic-rock-like tone. Former Marilyn Manson bandmate Tim Skold lends his talents to the dark, industrial rock sound of "Seeping Through The Cracks," which sounds like a buzzsaw ripping your head in two. Big Paul Ferguson wraps up his new album with the heavy pounding of "Glass Houses," which truly displays Fergusons' unique drumming style, along with the quieter, atmospheric closer "Dystopian Vibe" featuring support from Die Krupps' Jurgen Engler. To find out more about Big Paul Ferguson and his latest release "Virtual Control," please visit

Let us also not forget the latest release from legendary drummer Corky Laing from the classic rock band, Mountain. His latest album "Toledo Sessions" revives the spirit of Mountain, as Corky summons the spirits of founding members Felix Pappalardi and Leslie West, spread across nine new tracks. The album kicks off with the big guitar sound of "Beautiful Flies," as Corky's drumming and vocals sound timeless. The album continues with the nostalgic sounding power ballad "The Road Goes On" and the Cream-sounding blues of "Knock Me Over." Corky Laing's Mountain also showcases a progressive rock sound with the eight-minute hard assault of "How's The Weather," as the band is firing on all cylinders. The album finishes with the wonderful harmonies of "Earthquake" and the arena-shaker "Hell Yeah," as you will want to shout out the chorus along with Corky Laing. To find out more about the latest release "Toledo Sessions" from Corky Laing's Mountain, please visit

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