Tuesday, May 18, 2021

John Palumbo Welcomes You To "Hollywood Blvd" & Marcus Singletary Becomes A "Power Player"

Arriving Friday, May 21st through Carry On Music is "Hollywood Blvd," the new solo album from Crack The Sky singer/musician John Palumbo. This is Palumbo's fifth solo release and allows him to breakaway from the band's progressive rock expectations with a set twelve new tracks. The album kicks of with the solid pounding rhythm of the title-track "Hollywood Blvd," as John lets his guitar work do most of the talking on this opening track. The music gets a little more funky with the danceable backdrop of "How It Feels To Be Me," while his vocals stay monotone, allowing the music to deliver the energy. The mood turns darker on "Shutdown," before the rocking explosion of "Funky Town," which is motored by a blazing guitar solo. The beautiful melody of "A Lovely Day," reminds me of a great George Harrison solo piece, while "Man On Fire" delivers some modern day blues. John Palumbo brings the energy up once again with the nostalgic rock/pop tone of "Nothing To Lose," before closing his new album with the slow burn of "Crazy," as John has you questioning everything, along with the mainstream, alternative pop of "Shadowboxing." To find out more about John Palumbo and his latest release "Hollywood Blvd," please visit carryonmusic.com/artists/john-palumbo.

We also have the latest release from the multi-talented artist Marcus Singletary, who's latest EP "Power Player" reimagines four classic tunes from the 1960's. He starts off with the upbeat pop hit "California Sun," made famous by The Rivieras, in which Marcus strips the song back to allow the lyrics and his guitar deliver the fun in the sun. Next, he delivers the blues of the Robert Johnson original "Love In Vain," peeling off some classic guitar riffs. Marcus wraps up his short new release with an all out punk-like assault of The Yardbirds' "Shape Of Things" and the classic theme for the open road "Born To Be Wild," in which is slows down to deliver a bluesier sound to the song. To find out more about Marcus Singletary and his latest release "Power Player," please visit marcussingletary.com.

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