Saturday, May 22, 2021

New From Metal Blade Records... Metal Massacre XV, Cirith Ungol and Desaster

Back in 1982, Metal Blade Records, a small music label, released their very first compilation title "Metal Massacre." On that compilation was none-other than heavy metal giants Metallica. Now, nearly 40 years later, Metal Blade Records is unleashing it's 15th volume of the "Metal Massacre" compilation series. This new ten song release begins with Midnight's "Masked And Deadly," which will certainly get your adrenaline pumping on this hard-hitting opening track. The screaming vocals and thunderous drums of Fuming Mouth's "Master Of Extremity" will fill your speakers with all that is right in metal music. We then move on to the more extreme metal approach of "Bone Ritual" by Ripped To Shreds, as the guitar riffs will blaze a path through your skull. Midnight Dice deliver a classic thrash metal sound with their song "Starblind," before the compilation wraps up with the doom metal assault of Smoulder's "Warrior Witch Of Hel" and the dark, growling vocals of "In Somber Dreams" from Mother Of Graves. To find out more about "Metal Massacre XV," please visit

Legendary heavy metal band Cirith Ungol continue to roll out new music with their latest release "Half Past Human." The album only features four songs, but continues to prove why they are considered one of the masters of the genre. While the virus dashed the band's plans to tour in 2020, instead they dug deep into their vault to polish off some long-forgotten gems. The album begins with the aggressive pounding of "Route 666" and the quick, shredding guitar riffs of "Shelob's Lair." The songs are all new recordings, but still follow that classic early-sounding heavy metal formula, as displayed in "Brutish Manchild," while "Half Past Human" displays a more progressive metal sound. To find out more about Cirith Ungol and their latest release "Half Past Human," please visit

Next month, German metal band Desaster return with their new studio effort titled "Churches Without Saints." It features eleven tracks, beginning with a short instrumental that sets the stage for an onslaught of aggression and adrenaline. Desaster blast their way into your brain with the hard-hitting attack of "Learn To Love The Void," then the swift, strumming guitars of "Failing Trinity," before slowing down for the chugging assault of the title track "Churches Without Saints." They speed things up again with the neck-breaking chaos of "Hellputa" and "Sadistic Salvation," before finishing you off with the seven-minute heavy metal epic "Endless Awaking" and the lighter, more mainstream rock of "Aus Asche," which is sung in their native language. To find out more about Desaster and their latest release "Churches Without Saints," please visit

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