Saturday, May 8, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Blazon Rite, Pharaoh, Oxblood Forge and Entierro

Arriving May 28th is the full-length debut release from the Philadelphia metal band, Blazon Rite. They released their short EP just last year and are now ready to give you the full assault with their new album "Endless Halls Of Golden Totem." Their new eight-song release begins with the thunderous pounding rhythm of the opening track "Legends Of Time And Eidolon," which showcases the band's very epic sounding metal approach. They continue to flex their metal muscle on the swift pace of "Put Down Your Steel (Only For The Night)" and display a glimpse of progressive metal with the amazing deliver of the title track "Endless Halls Of Golden Totem." Blazon Rite pick up the intensity with the hard-hitting attack of "Alchemist's Brute," before closing with the build-up of "Into Shore Of Blood," which just explodes with aggression and energy. To find out more about Blazon Rite and their latest release "Endless Halls Of Golden Totem," please visit

Then in June, we have the long, awaited arrival of the new full-length album from Pharaoh titled "The Powers That Be." It is the band first release of new music in nine years and features nine new heavy metal anthems, beginning with with intense, quick-moving pace of the title-track "The Powers That Be." The band's timeless energy and aggression continues to flow through the melodic metal delivery of "We Will Rise" and "Lost In The Waves." Pharaoh still display a chip on their shoulder with the swift-moving, heavy pounding rhythm of "Ride Us To Hell" and "Freedom," before wrapping up their new album with the progressive metal approach of "Dying Sun" and the electrifying conclusion of "I Can Hear Them." To find out more about Pharaoh and their latest release "The Powers That Be," please visit

Also arriving in June is the third full-length release from Boston heavy metal band, Oxblood Forge. Their new nine-track release titled "Decimator" begins with with the screaming vocals of "Into The Abyss" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Spirits Of Vengeance." The aggression and intensity continue to flow through the sonic blast of "Mortal Salience" and "Screams From Silence," as Oxblood Forge have their feet planted firmly in the soil of classic thrash/doom metal. They finish off their new album paying homage to their heavy metal roots with a cover of Angel Witch's "Sorceress" and then taking you on an epic, eight-minute adventure of "Ironbound." To find out more about Oxblood Forge and their latest release "Decimator," please visit

Finally we arrive at Connecticut's new, rising heavy metal band, Entierro. They are also preparing the release of some new music in June. Their new five-song EP "El Camazotz" starts out with the blazing guitars of "The Penance," which carries a nostalgic metal vibe, while also delivering a modern driving force behind the music. Entierro deliver thrash metal speed and energy with the sound of "The Tower," before finishing with the solid, electrifying guitar solo work of "El Camazotz" and an amazing cover of Judas Priest's "Call For The Priest." To find out more about Entierro and their latest release "El Camazotz," please visit

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