Friday, May 7, 2021

New Music From Americana Artists Soo Line Loons and The Contraptionists

Arriving May 14th is the third studio album from the Americana/folk band, Soo Line Loons. Their new self-titled album will be self-released on the band's own label, Don't Quit Your Day Job Records and features nine tracks, beginning with searing violins, rolling drum breaks and a dark, looming tone of "Old Mill." Soo Line Loons deliver a funky backdrop to the bluesy tones of "Been A Long Winter" and "Die Young," along with a blast of addictive, pure Americana energy with "Can't Stop Singing The Blues." They slow the tempo down for the stomp rhythm plea of "Don't Let Me Go," before Soo Line Loons wrap up their new album with the swift-moving song of "Hope" and the beautiful soul-searching folk ballad "Amen." To find out more about Soo Line Loons and their new self-titled release, please visit

A couple weeks later, on May 28th we have the debut album from The Contraptionists titled "Working Man's Dread." The duo of Paul Givant and Stephen Andrews have been performing together in the Americana band, Rose's Pawn Shop, before going on their own with a this new band. Their album features eleven tracks, beginning with alternative rock vibe of "River Lethe," before bringing in some of that Americana sound with the title-track "Working Man's Dread." Their warming harmonies flow together on the ballad "Floatation Device," as the lyrics sound perfectly relevant in today's crazy world. The Contrapionists bring in the blues for the storied tale of "Murky Floor," before picking the energy back up with the raw, quick-moving, grunge-like tone of "Empire Of Smoke." They finish off their new album with the uplifting folk melody of "Mountains" and the county vibe love letter to California with "Dream Song." To find out more about The Contraptionists and their latest release "Working Man's Dread," please visit

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