Friday, May 28, 2021

New Music From Independent Artists The Jenny Thing and James DiGirolamo

Back in the early nineties, northern California band The Jenny Thing made a name for themselves along the west coast, releasing three albums and performing at famous venues like The Roxy and the Troubadour. Shortly after the release of their third album in 1999, the group disbanded, to go ona and lead separate lives. Fast forward 17 years and the members of The Jenny Thing were all living back in northern California and decided to reform and write music, which resulted in their first album in over twenty years titled "American Canyon." It arrives on June 18th and features eight brand new tracks, beginning with the nostalgic feel of "Paper Angel." Right from the first few notes, you instantly flash back to what was blossoming in alternative rock in the nineties. The Jenny Thing jump back into modern times with the dance beats of "All In My Head," while "More All The Time" is filled to the brim with energy and a swirling, electronic rock melody. The ambient soundscape of "Aeromedica" showcased the band's experimental side, before finishing the album with the new wave approach of "Lightfield" and the sweeping pop tones of "Waiting For The Knife." To find out more about The Jenny Thing and their latest release "American Canyon," please visit

Next, we move to Nashville for the latest release from singer, songwriter James DiGirolamo, who is releasing a new six-song EP titled "Paper Boats" on June 11th. James has recently worked as a session musician and a touring sideman, but now brings his musical talents back into the spotlight with this latest set of songs. The new release kicks off with the addictive pop vibe of "Same Boat," which draws up similarities to the great Elvis Costallo. Just the way that James DiGirolamo draws you in with a simple steady rhythm and smooth, warming vocals. He slows things down for the gentle piano ballad of "The Girl Who Has Everything," which shows us his sweet, soulful side, while the beautiful harmonies of "Pure Joy" have a classic, laid-back west coast sound. James wraps up his new album with the emotion-fueled ballad "On Paper," which highlights his amazing songwriting. To find out more about James DiGirolamo and his latest release "Paper Boats," please visit

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