Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Music From Indie-Artists Carl Weingarten, Jon Allen and Tommy Z

Back in February, multi-instrumentalist Carl Weingarten released his latest album titled "Ember Days" through Multiphase Records. It features work that Carl created during the COVID-19 shut down, as Carl felt had nothing else to do but create music on his own. After working with the instruments at his home in developing this new music, he invited some guest to help shape the songs remotely. This new ten track release is the result of Carl Weingarten's pandemic lock down. It begins with "Round Robin," a steady rhythm highlighted by flowing guitars that continue to lift your spirits, as if you were soaring through the skies. He gentle floats along with the ambient soundscape of "Brother Mountain," before experimenting with the guitar pedal effects of "Goodbye Sun," which adds another dimension to the music. The subtle sounds of "Geola" has you following every note of this bluesy instrumental, while "Skying Out" leaves more that could be added to this atmospheric musical piece. Carl Weingarten finishes his new album with the beautiful progression of "A Solitary Interlude" and the beautiful piano ballad "What The Raindrops Saw (Cafe Mix)." To find out more about Carl Weingarten and his latest release "Ember Days," please visit carlweingarten.com.

U.K.-based singer, songwriter Jon Allen is preparing to release his new album "...Meanwhile" on May21st on OK!Good Records. Allen was discovered by Dire Straits' Marc Knopfler back in 2006 and since then has supported artists like Damien Rice, Seal, Brian May and Dionne Warwick. His new eleven track release begin with the slow-moving blues of "Blame It All On Me," before taking the energy up another notch for the addictive, alt-pop melody of "Can't Hold Back The Sun." His distinctive vocals shine on the dark, mellow tone of "Cruel World," while "Mercy" carries a classic folk vibe with a message of forgiveness. He lightens up the mood once again with the bright, up-lifting acoustic pop feel of "Suzanne," before reverting back to the emotional blues of "How Long." Jon Allen wraps up his new album with positivity of "Hold On," which will brighten your spirits, along with the quiet reflection of "Wrong." To find out more about Jon Allen and his latest release "...Meanwhile," please visit jonallenmusic.com.

Now, lets turn up the volume with the latest release from blues/rock artist Tommy Z. Tommy supported such legendary acts as Jimmie Vaughan and Robert Cray and is a member of Buffalo's Music Hall of Fame. His new album "Plug In & Play" features eleven tracks that elevate your idea of the blues, as Tommy's band and guitar playing are simply outstanding. The album kicks off with the high-energy instrumental "Pumpin' (Let's Have Fun)" and the funk-infused rock of "Tommy Guns." Tommy Z gets down and dirty with the slow, back-alley blues cover of "Please Come Back To Me," before bringing the energy back up with the classic, straight-up rock and roll swagger of the title-track "Plug In & Play." The boogie-woogie guitar shuffle of "DYD" is very refreshing, while "Scowler" carries a big, thick guitar sound that highlights Tommy Z's amazing songwriting. He finishes off his new album with the slow, steady blues of "Ain't Gonna Wait" and the slinky, mellow, rockabilly guitar-style of "Sticky Lips." To find out more about Tommy Z and his latest release "Plug In & Play," please visit tommyzband.com.

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