Tuesday, May 25, 2021

New Music From Mark Rubin (Jew Of Oklahoma) & Van Dyke Parks featuring Veronica Valerio

Singer, songwriter Mark Rubin (Jew Of Oklahoma) is preparing to release his new "The Triumph Of Assimilation." It is an album that finds Rubin standing up for his ethnicity with new protest hymns, while also giving listeners a history lessons about the affliction of Jewish people. He begins with the strong rebellion anthem "A Day Of Revenge," by not holding back his emotions of righting the past. The stark, classic folk protest charge "It's Burning" sounds like a slave chant, while "Down South Kosher" adds a bit of humor in the lyrics to lighten up the mood. Mark tells us the tale of the "Murder Of Leo Frank," before showcasing his skills on the banjo with the up-tempo instrumental piece "Yiddish Banjo Tunes." He wraps up his new album with the country/bluegrass vibe of "Unnatural Disasters" and the happy, sing-along Hanukkah track "Spin The Dreidel." To find out more about Mark Rubin and his latest release "The Triumph Of Assimilation," please visit jewofoklahoma.com.

Mexican-born singer, songwriter, harpist Veronica Valerio has teamed up with songwriter, conductor Van Dyke Parks for the short, four-song EP "Van Dyke Parks Orchestrates Veronica Valerio: Only In America." Van Dyke Parks may be best known as Brian Wilson's collaborator on The Beach Boys' "Smile" album. This new collaboration combines the amazing talents of these two artists, who don't belong together on paper (Parks is older and American & Valerio is young and Spanish), but make beautiful music together. Veronica's Spanish vocals are perfectly matched by Van Dyke Parks' elegant strings on "Cieliuto Lindo," while "The Flight Of The Guacamaya" feels like it came from a movie, as Van Dyke Parks makes the melody dance around the graceful vocals of Valerio. The album closes with "Camino A Casa," a step toward the pop direction, as you get so wrapped up in Veronica's vocals, while Van Dyke Parks adds just enough melody to support this amazing young talent. To find out more about this new collaboration "Van Dyke Parks Orchestrates Veronica Valerio: Only In America," please visit announcing-only-in-america.

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