Saturday, May 1, 2021

New Music From The Undertaking, Diamante, Mouth For War and New Model Army's Justin Sullivan

On April 30th, San Diego metal band The Undertaking release their Solid State Records debut album titled "Funeral Psalms." The band wastes no time enforcing the sheer power and aggression of their music on you, with the hard-hitting attack of of the opener "The Problem With Being Included In The Apocalypse." The screaming vocals of "No Friends" and the chugging rhythm of "Holy Smokes" display the band's youthful energy with a chip on their shoulder to make a statement with their new music. The Undertaking also showcase a nostalgic, nineties hardcore metal/punk sound with "Demon Season" and "Take Me Down The River," which displays more depth to their aggressive sound. They wrap up their new album with the raw emotions of "I Really Don't Want To Be Here" and the final chaotic blast of "And Everything Worked Out Just Fine," featuring guest vocalist Cove Reber (Saosin). To find out more about The Undertaking and their latest release "Funeral Psalms," please visit

On the horizon is the latest release "American Dream" from Mexican/Italian/American songstress Diamante. Her new album arrives May 7th and features eleven new tracks, beginning with the title-track, "American Dream," which showcases a swagger, from performing gigs along LA's famous Sunset Strip. The energy and volume gets taken up another notch with the intense delivery of "Ghost Myself," while "Serves You Right" has the perfect recipe to find Diamante more mainstream success. She displays her softer side with "Unloveable," as her vocals shine on this emotional ballad. Diamante brings back the energy and hard rock edginess with the heavy-hitting "Unfuck You," before finishing her new album with a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris," along with a simple, wonderful, stark acoustic version of her 2020 single "Obvious." To find out more about Diamante and her latest release "American Dream," please visit

Next, on May 14th is the arrival of the new album from Colorado death metal band, Mouth For War. The album titled "Life Cast In Glass" features eleven hard-hitting tracks that will make your head spin. They came blasting out of the gate with the aggressive nature of "Shape In The Dark" and the equally devilish assault of "Fear Is The Product." They take it up a notch with the insane quickness of "Nails In My Coffin," as growling vocals and pounding drums will certainly kick up your adrenaline. Mouth For War continue their onslaught with the hardcore metal attack of "WYGT," before finishing off their new album with swift, thunderous bashing of "Selfish" and closing sonic blast of "What's Done Is Done." To find out more about Mouth For War and their latest release "Life Cast In Glass," please visit

The month of May will wrap up with the second solo album titled "Surrounded" from New Model Army founder Justin Sullivan. It will be available on May 28th through earMusic and features sixteen tracks that were written during the first few weeks of the 2020 lockdown. The album was recorded mostly at Justin's home studio and begins with the slow-moving, atmospheric tone of "Dirge," before picking up the tempo with the storied tales of "Amundsen." The melody simply glides along the spiritual, uplifting lyrics of "Stone And Heather," while "May 28th" feels like a rebellion is brewing with this acoustic folk anthem. The energy picks up with the swift strumming of "Unforgiven," before Justin pours his hearts out with the emotional ballad "Clear Skies." He wraps up his new album with the quiet touches of "Daughter Of The Sun" and "Surrounded." To find out more about Justin Sullivan and his latest solo release "Surrounded," please visit

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