Sunday, May 2, 2021

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Capra, Artillery and Vulture

Just last month, Metal Blade Records delivered the debut album from Louisiana-based band, Capra. Their new album titled "In Transmission" features eleven tracks that have evolved since the band's inception back in 2016. Capra kick things off with an instrumental piece that leads you down the path of destruction, which hits you right in the face with the hardcore attack of "Hollow Doll" and the punk-like fury of "The Locust Preacher." They keep the energy on overdrive with the thrash metal chaos of "Medusa" and the heavy bashing of "Torture Ship," which fully displays the band's youthfulness. Capra showcases their passion for their style of music with "Mutt," before finishing with the intense delivery of "Transfiguration" and the vocal screams of "Samuraiah Carey." To find out more about Capra and their Metal Blade Records debut release "In Transmission," please visit

Denmark thrash metal band Artillery return May 7th with their tenth studio release appropriately titled "X." The album features eleven tracks, beginning with the band's iconic sound on the opener "The Devils Symphony," which is pure energy, as the band rev-up the motors. Next, they deliver the new metal anthem "In Thrash We Trust," along with classic sounds of "Turn Up The Rage." The musicianship is amazing on "In Your Mind," as the band combine their iconic thrash metal sound with a more modern approach to today metal music. The pull back the reigns for the most mainstream song on the album, "The Ghost Of Me," before quickly returning to their signature sound with the intensity of "Force Of Indifference." Artillery close out their new album with the heavy metal pounding of "Eternal Night" and the epic sounding thrash metal onslaught of "Beggars In Black Suits." To find out more about Artillery and their latest release "X," please visit

Germany's thrash metal giants, Vulture are also preparing the release of their new studio album "Dealin' Death." It features ten tracks that showcase the band's contemporary metal sound, along with the urge to take their music to the next level. The album begins with the high-powered attack of "Malicious Souls," as Vulture combine a classic metal sound with a fresh delivery. The band explodes with energy for the intensity of "Count Your Blessings," while "Gorgon" displays a more of the band's progressive sound. Vulture continues to bash away your worries with the heavy-hitting of "Flee The Phantom," before finishing you off with the nostalgia metal of the title-track "Dealin' Death" and the chugging guitars of "The Court Of Caligula." To find out more about Vulture and their latest release "Dealin' Death," please visit

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