Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Stunning New Releases From Singer/Songwriters Ted Russell Kamp and Maia Sharp

Singer, songwriter and independent Americana idol Ted Russell Kamp returns with his new album "Solitaire," which will be released on May 7th through PoMo Records. As the album title suggests, Kamp wrote and recorded mostly this entire album by himself during the last nine months of the quarantine. He starts out with the country strumming of "My Girl Now," as his vocals sound like a warm blanket to comfort you during these tough times. After the energy of the opener, Kamp slows things down for the folk storytelling of "Path Of Least Resistance," then heads back out to the country with the wonderful Americana sounds of "You Can Go To Hell, I'm Going To Texas" and "The Hardest Road To Find." The way Ted Russell Kamp uses the music and his words to paint the perfect setting for his sounds is very special, as displayed in the title-track "Solitaire," along with the sweet harmonies of "Western Wind." He finishes his new album with the back-porch blues of "Be Your Man" and the country rock approach of "The Spark," along with Kamp's first full bluegrass tune "Lightning Strikes Twice," as he performs every instrument on this song. To find out more about Ted Russell Kamp and his latest release "Solitaire," please visit tedrussellkamp.com.

Also arriving May7th, is the latest release from singer, songwriter Maia Sharp titled "Mercy Rising." Maia has been working on this new album since moving to Nashville in 2019, before the world shut down. On this new release, she uses her experiences of working with fellow artists like Bonnie Raitt, Lisa Loeb and Trisha Yearwood to give more to her own music. The new twelve-track release begins with the slow-simmering sounds of the title-track "Mercy Rising," which sets the tone for what's come. The album continues with the addictive alternative-country vibe of "You'll Know Who Knows You" and the wonderful words of sweet revenge of "Nice Girl." The gentle ballad of "When The World Doesn't End" addresses that universal question of "what's next?," as Maia has a special way of delivering her messages with music. She wraps up her new album with the country blues of "Junkyard Dog" and the emotions of "Nowhere Together," along with the special bonus track "Always Good To See You," which reflects on your memories. To find out more about Maia Sharp and her latest release "Mercy Rising," please visit maiasharp.com.

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