Monday, May 3, 2021

Until The Sun Are "Drowning" In The Blues While Chris St. John Is "Dreaming" Of His Debut Album

Back in April, the blues-rock unit Until The Sun released their sophomore effort titled "Drowning In Blue." Since their formation in 2017, Until The Sun has opened for a number of acclaimed blues and rock artists, and the band are ready to head back out on the road. Their new ten-song release begins with the steady pounding rhythm of the title track "Drowning In Blue," while "Shadow Of The Valley" incorporates a country vibe into their bluesy sound. Vocalist Alyssa Swartz takes over the lead vocals on the rock and roll swagger of "New Delilah," before the band slow down the tempo for the burning, electric blues of "1,000 Miles Away" and "Burning Home." Until The Sun wrap up their new album with a live version of the classic blues stomp of "Lemontree," along with the stripped down, back porch delivery of "Deathbed Blues." To find out more about Until The Sun and their latest release "Drowning In Blue," please visit

Singer/songwriter Chris St. John has led a successful career as a practicing attorney, before the calling of performing music was too much to ignore. He recently released his debut album "I'm Dreaming" and the first single "I Called You Rose" was burning up the European and World Independent music charts. His new fifteen-song release begins with the Americana vibe of "I Need A Horse," which brings his thoughts of being out in the country to life in his music. The gentle emotions of "I Called You Rose" easily finds it way to you heart, along with the soft touch of "Your Baby Loves You." Even though Chris is from Long Island, his music is filled with the southern hospitality of "Two Tender Angels," while the pure magic of his songwriting shines during the epic ballad "The Winds They Blow." The pure country sounds of "The Chance I Gave You" has that nostalgic feel, as well as his cover of the traditional folk song "Peggy O." Chris St. John finishes his new album with gentle, acoustic emotional blues of "You Sang To Me" and "I'll Send You My Heart." To find out more about Chris St. John and his latest release "I'm Dreaming," please visit

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