Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Check Out New Music From European Metal Bands Fractal Universe and Dimwind

France's extreme metal band Fractal Universe recently released their new album "The Passable Horizon" on June 25th through Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded last year, following their short, two-month pre-pandemic tour with Obscura. The new eleven track release kicks off with the quick-hitting rhythm of "Autopoiesis," which shows depths to the band's songwriting with glimpses of progressive structure and melody. Fractal Universe deliver the complexity of "A Clockwork Expectation," with multiple time changes, chugging guitar riffs and harmonic vocal sections. The band keep you on this roller coaster ride with the up-and-down tempos of "Interfering Spherical Scenes," while "Withering Snowdrops" is a heavy metal juggernaut that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. They deliver the more melodic flow of "Black Sails Of Melancholia," before finishing their new album with the hardcore growls of "Epitaph," the eight-minute epic metal journey of "Godless Machinists" and a stripped-down, unplugged version of "Flashes Of Potentialities." To find out more about Fractal Universe and their latest release "The Passable Horizon," please visit

Swedish post-metal band, Dimwind also recently released their debut album "Slow Wave Violence." The album features seven-tracks, beginning with the opening, instrumental track "Blinds Drawn," which continues to grow with intensity until reaching its peak. The band's energy and excitement hits you on the crests of "4 AM," while the eight-minute progressive metal assault of "Slow Wave Decent" shows the band flexing their muscle with aggressive guitar riffs, which then reseed back to a post-apocalyptical soundscape, before building up once again. Dimwind wrap up their new album with the quiet, ambient tone of "Haglos," along with the pulse-pounding, progressive metal delivery of "Pelagic Vim" and the nearly nine-minute sonic adventure of "Broken Silver Cord." To find out more about Dimwind and their latest release "Slow Wave Violence," please visit

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