Thursday, June 24, 2021

Crack The Sky Goes Searching "Between The Cracks" & Will Van Dyke Debuts New Music As "The Mayor"

Progressive rock pioneers, Crack The Sky have dug deep into their vault for a new compilation of tracks from their back catalog titled "Between The Cracks." The album will be released on July 2nd through Carry On Music and features twelve specially selected songs that were recorded for albums between 1983-2015, but have been overlooked. The new release kicks off with one of the earliest songs featured on this compilation, "All Fly Away" from the 1983 album "World In Motion." The song revolves around what was happening in the world at that time, which still seems relevant nearly 40 years later. The music has that over-polished eighties vibe, be a more seventies progressive backdrop to it. The songs on this new compilation were hand-picked by the band members, with two of them appearing from the 2001 album "Ghost." The songs "Coconuts" and "Zoom" have a darker tones to them, as with "Coconuts" funky rhythmic layers and the mysterious-sounding harmonies of the epic "Zoom." Three songs ("The Box," "Your House Is On Fire" and "King Of The Rodeo") come from the 2012 album "Ostrich" and find the band at one of their most experimental stages, combining elements of jazz fusion, hard rock, electronics and even country to express their songwriting at this most recent period of their careers. The album closes with the exciting, up-tempo guitar-driven rocker "Lemonade" (from the album "The Beauty Of Nothing"). To find out more about Crack The Sky and their latest release "Between The Cracks," please visit

Out June 25th, the debut EP titled "The Mayor" arrives from New York-based singer, songwriter, Broadway performer Will Van Dyke. He starts off his new release with the ever-building energy of "You'll Never Hear The Sound," which introduces you to Will's voice, which sound so smooth and inviting that you only want to hear more from him. The pop tones of "Tell Me" are addictive and will get you up on your feet dancing along to the song's upbeat rhythm, along with the storied lyrics of "Amy Clayton," which sounds larger enough to involve everyone listening. Will showcases his softer, quieter side on the ballad "Grab A Slice," which was written about New York City during the shutdown of the pandemic and how so many lives have changed during that moment. He wraps up his new album with the beautiful duet of "Wasting Time," which features the stellar vocals of fellow Broadway artist Tamika Lawrence, along with one final grand statement of hope with the title-track "The Mayor." To find out more about Will Van Dyke and his latest release "The Mayor," please visit

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