Sunday, June 27, 2021

Discover New Music From Layla Frankel and Shawn Maxwell

Nashville-based singer, songwriter Layla Frankel recently released a new five-song EP titled "Postcard From The Moon." You will instantly fall in love with her warming, soulful voice on the quiet, folk touch of the opening track "TLC," before she picks the tempo up with the country-pop overtone of "Dear Jennie." Her voice sounds strong on the slow blues of "You Can't Love Me Like I Loved You" and shines as bright as the sun on the mellow ballad "Josephine." Layla finishes up her new, short release with the sweet soul-infused "Without Suffering." To find out more about Layla Frankel and her latest release "Postcard From The Moon," please visit

Saxophonist Shawn Maxwell wrote and recorded seventeen new songs during the 2020 pandemic shutdown for his latest album "Expectation & Experience." The song lengths range from one minute and six seconds to over four minutes, as Shawn allows each track to breath on its own, beginning with the short bluesy jazz of "Expectation," along with the dance of keyboards and saxophone on elegant touch of "Empty Shelf." Shawn experiments with his performance on "The Great Divide," as you get lost in the layers of notes being performed. He quickly passes along the short, interesting climbing melody of "A Change Of Climate," while "Alternative Facts" features a great harmonica and saxophone duet. Shawn will get your pulse racing with the exciting blast of "The Show Can't Go On," while also showcasing his softer side on the mellow sounds of "Empty Stage." He wraps up his new album with the solitude of "Lockdown" and the beautiful touch of the album closer "Experience." To find out more about Shawn Maxwell and his latest release "Expectation & Experience," please visit

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