Friday, June 4, 2021

Just Relax With The Calming Sounds of New Releases From Ross Christopher and Rick Sparks

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Ross Christopher recently released a new album of ambient soundscapes titled "Apophenia" through Heart Dance Records. It features eight tracks that blend the connection between instruments to create a cinematic musical escape. The album begins with the title track "Apophenia," which rises and fades like the tides of the sea, while "Greta" has the instruments lending a hand to one another and the music sweeps on by like the wind. The continues to rise during "They Are My Love," as you climb along with each note. The music of "Hidden" paints a picture in your mind of a possible lost love with the melody adding to the emotional struggle. Ross Christopher wraps up his new album with slow, steady rise of "Tempest" and the grand sonic closure of "Sirens." To find out more about Ross Christopher and his latest release "Apophenia," please visit

Fellow contemporary artist Rick Sparks also just recently released a new album titled "Bella." It was inspired by a 19th century portrait of an Italian girl named, Bella. His new ten song release brings the idea of the painting to life with his music, beginning with the title-track "Bella." The gracefulness of the melody on this opening song sets the stage for a relaxed, almost meditative journey into beauty. The angelic voices of "Twilight Dreams" has a calming tone that puts you at ease, while the subtle piano keys of "Smiling" carries a light-hearted, playful tone. The gentleness of "Autumn Rain" has you following every note, as you find yourself comforted by the subtleness of the music. The fullness of "Highland Road" allows for the piano and flute to float above the background on this wonderfully melodic piece. Rick finishes his new album with the emotional touch of "Going Home" and the quiet, fragile sound of "Her Prayer." To find out more about Rick Sparks and his latest release "Bella," please visit

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