Thursday, June 3, 2021

Mary Hott Sings About The "Devil In The Hills" & Stephan Said Returns To Become "Unstoppable"

West Virginia native Mary Hott is ready for the June 4th release of her new album "Devil In The Hills: Coal Country Reckoning." On this album, Mary is joined by the Americana band, The Carpenter Ants and it was co-produced by legendary indie-rock producer Don Dixon and band member Michael Lipton. The album revolves around the subject of the West Virginia mining country around the early 20th century, beginning with a spoken work introduction ("A Miner's Perspective"). The music begins with the dark tale of "They Built A Railroad" of how the men worked day and night building these amazing structures with little to no recognition, as Mary's silky smooth voice floats over the band's traditional country sound. The album continues with the tales of "Annabelle Lee," which carries a Celtic-style to the music, before the energy picks up with the train-chugging rhythm of "Take The Esau." Mary Hott and The Carpenter Ants continue first with the guitar-driven country blues of "The Spot," then with the dark, swampy, backwoods blues of the title-track "Devil In The Hills." The album finishes with the uplifting rock anthem "Rise Up WV" and a stark, slow-down re-imagined version of John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roads." To find out more about Mary Hott and her latest release with The Carpenter Ants titled "Devil In The Hills: Coal Country Reckoning," please visit

Arriving June 18th, is the first album of new material in over a decade from New York-based musician, global activist Stephan Said. His new release titled "Unstoppable" features his new band, The Clarion" and contains six tracks, beginning with the energetic march of "I Won't Be Silent." Stephan is passionate about his cause for change and expresses his emotions throughout this release, which continues with the addictive pop style of "What If" and the equally enjoyable sing-along chorus of "Our Dream (Unstoppable)." He wraps up his new six-song album with the light-hearted, acoustic-based comfort of "Together Across The World," in which Stephan sings about uniting to make a difference, along with the piano ballad "Amen." To find out more about Stephan Said & The Clarion's latest release "Unstoppable," please visit

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