Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Fugu Quintet Interweaves The Music Together & Madre Vaca Provides Us With "The Elements"

From Russia comes the latest release from the organic jazz band, Fugu Quintet titled "Interweavement." The album is based on the theory of the origin of the universe and how humankind still has a say in how and when the world will end. Their new six-song release begins with the swinging tempo changes of "Firefly," as Fugu Quintet continue to add layers to their music to keep you guessing on the song's direction. The band slowly and quietly work their way through the soft, subtle sounds of "No One Had Come," while the uplifting modern jazz vibe of "Worry" showcases another dimension to this band's sound, expanding on their traditional approach. Fugu Quintet close out their new album with funky backbeat of "Duck Of War," along with the huge, sweeping wave of music in the form of "Krakatoa," which then finishes with the soft strumming of a guitar. To find out more about the Fugu Quintet and their latest release "Interweavement," please visit facebook.com/fuguquintet.

Next, arriving June 12th is the new album titled "The Elements" from the Floridian jazz ensemble Madre Vaca. Their new album is based on the four elements of the planet; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. They have taken the idea of these elements and transformed them into music, beginning with the unpredictability of "Fire." The music rises like flames in a fire, before then calming down to a smoldering, elegant piano solo, before building up the energy and intensity once again. The element of "Water" is more alive in a wider space, as the music feels more playful, as the instruments dance around each other, while also supporting the overall feel of the song. The music of "Earth" slowly builds to a chaotic mess, with each instrument trying to be the loudest, before calming back down to wonder what just happened. Madre Vaca finish off their new album with the sweeping jazz melody of "Wind," as the music feels uplifting. To find out more about Madre Vaca and their latest release "The Elements," please visit madrevaca.bandcamp.com.

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