Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Travel To Europe With New Music From Mortality and the Erik Dahl Ensemble

Finnish jazz music ensemble, Mortality has based their self-titled debut album around the work of Finland's great guitarist and composter Tapio Ylinen. The album features eight tracks, beginning with the three-part suite "In Memoriam..." The music moves by slowly, as you hear elements of modern jazz mixed with an ambient, progressive rock approach. The mood turns dark, with the subtle touches of piano on "Death's Little Sister," before the horns take over to deliver an emotional conclusion to the song. The album finishes the same way it started with a three-part suite titled "Towards Dawn," which begins with an elegant, up-lifting melody. The tone of this piece turns quieter during the second part, before the energy picks back up with the exciting jazz fusion of part three. To find out more about Mortality and their new self-titled debut release, please visit

Next up is the latest release titled "Gethenian Suite" from Swedish composer Erik Dahl and his jazz ensemble. It features 61-minutes of mind-exploring music spread across thirteen tracks, beginning with the soft, subtle flow of the opener "Gethen." Elements of classical music become present with the addition of horns on the more enlightening tones of "Parade." The waltz of piano and violin during "The Place Inside The Blizzard" is beautiful and calming, before the musical journey continues with the graceful touch of "Karhide Prelude & Fugue." The eleven-minute epic piece "The Ice" showcases a more jazz infused melody, as the song takes you through a barrage of emotions as the Erik Dahl Ensemble throw everything they have into the musical piece. The album closes with the lovely, modern touch of elegance of "Estraven" and the darker overtones of "The Ekumen." To find out more about the Erik Dahl Ensemble and their latest release "Gethenian Suite," please visit

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