Friday, June 11, 2021

Walter Egan Returns With A "Fascination" & Mick Paul Takes Us On A Journey Down "Parallel Lines"

American rock artist Walter Egan returns with a newly inspired album "Fascination." The songs on his new release were deeply influenced by the history of super-groupie Pamela Des Barnes and the writings of her adventures through the years. He begins the album with "I'm With The Girl," which strangely sounds similar to solo Tom Petty, as Walter finds that southern rock charm on this opening track. The album's first single "Miss Pamela" is a straight-up rocker that quickly reminds us how great of a singer/songwriter Walter is with this addictive chorus and peeling guitar riffs. Next, he strips down to the basics for the acoustic ballad "The Fruit Of Fascination," while "Lovers" carries that nostalgic seventies rock vibe that made Walter a star early on in his career. He continues in that flashback mode with the sixties pop melody of "Treat Me Nice" and the swinging rhythm of "Fading Love," before finishing his new album with a return to rock with "Gestures" and the beautiful Americana melody of "Hell I Know It's Over." To find out more about Walter Egan and his latest release "Fascination," please visit

Next, we switch gears for the latest release from bassist Mick Paul titled "Parallel Lines." The album includes guest appearance by David Cross (King Crimson) and David Jackson (Van Der Graf Generator). The new fourteen-track release begins with the sweeping melody of "Your Days," as the music simply floats on high, as you follow every note that is performed. The mood shifts to the slightly darker, jazzy vibe of "Light Of Silence," which is highlighted by the song's haunting, harmonizing vocals, before reaching the more concise, keyboard-driven rock of "No Horizon." The soft, graceful touch of "Beneath The Gate" displays Mick's amazing songwriting, which captures the pure progressive sound of the album. Next, Mick Paul showcases his talents on the bass with a short solo piece titled "Cypher," and then experiments with the slightly classical flow of "Swallows." He finishes his new album with the more aggressive rock approach of "Name On You" and the progressive rock journey of "Morning Skyline." To find out more about Mick Paul and his latest release "Parallel Lines," please visit

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