Saturday, July 31, 2021

Check Out New Music From Ego Kill Talent, Spirit Breaker and The Dead Deads

Brazilian hard rock band, Ego Kill Talent recently released the first set in a new series of EPs titled simply "Acoustic." They are taking the songs from their sophomore album "The Dance Between Extremes," which was released earlier this year, and stripping them down to their core in order to "immerse ourselves in the softness of our music," according to the band. This first set of the series features only six songs, beginning with the slow burn of "The Reason," which allows you to concentrate on the song's lyrics, which are sung above the gentle melody of the music. You will grasp a hold of the meaning behind "Our Song," as lead singer Jonathan Dorr sings from the heart on this beautiful ballad. Ego Kill Talent's new, short EP finishes with the dark overtones of "Still Here" and the rawness of "Deliverance," as these new stripped-down versions display another side to the band's harder rock sound. To find out more about Ego Kill Talent and their latest release "Acoustic," please visit

Arriving August 13th is the sophomore effort titled "Cura Nata," from progressive, metalcore band, Spirit Breaker. Their new eleven-track release begins with the slow, melodic build-up of "Stardust Memory," which just explodes into "Pure Fury & Wonder," as you feel the full force of the band's hardcore sound. Spirit Breaker keep the pedal to the floor with the intense screaming vocals of "A Cure For Wellness," along with the chugging guitar riffs and thunderous drumming of the "Inhabitant." The band's more progressive side shines on the innovative sound of "Garden Of Clouds," while "Hello Drifter" is a hard-hitting attack on your ears. They wrap up their new album with the elevated hardcore energy of "The Mountain Between Us" and the raw aggression of "Lux Nova." To find out more about Spirit Breaker and their latest release "Cura Nata," please visit

The Nashville-based, all-female rock band, The Dead Deads are preparing to release their new studio album "Tell Your Girls It's Alright" on August 20th through Rumble Records. The band has occupied opening slots on tours with Kiss, Skid Row, Stone Sour, Seether and many others. Their new album features sixteen tracks that range in styles from the raw, grunge-style of "Thinkers And Preyers," to the big seventies rock vibe of "First Tooth," to the gentle folk acoustics of "Dead Inside," to the nu-metal appeal of "Deal With Me." The Dead Deads deliver some big guitar riffs with the edginess of "In For Blood" and hit the mainstream with the alternative pop of "Cure For Life," before closing out their new album with the intense pounding rhythm of "What It Is" and the punk-like delivery of "Hearsay." To find out more about The Dead Deads and their latest release "Tell Your Girls It's Alright." please visit

Friday, July 30, 2021

Get Into The Swing Of Things With New Brazilian Jazz From Antonio Adolfo and Vocalist Irina Zubareva

Brazilian pianist/composer Antonio Adolfo has created a new album titled "Jobim Forever," dedicated to one of the most influential jazz composers to ever come from Brazil, Antonio Carlos Jobim. His 1964 album "Getz/Gilberto" single-handedly introduced the world to Bossa Nova music and gave us one of the best jazz tunes of all time, "The Girl From Ipanema." On this new release, Antonio Adolfo has taken nine of his favorite Jobim tunes and added his own spice to the songs, in order to give them a different approach. He begins with "The Girl From Ipanema," which very loosely follows the original, as Adolfo still keeps the Bossa Nova rhythm, but adds a bit more horns and piano to the mix. The graceful touch of "Wave" is highlighted by the guitar work of Lula Galvao, before the energy picks back up with the swinging rhythm of "A Felicidade." Antonio Adolfo keeps the melody flowing with his piano work on "Inutil Paisagem" and "Amparo/Por Toda A Minha Vida," before finishing his new album with the wonderful enlightenment of the album closer "Estrada Do Sol." To find out more about Antonio Adolfo and his latest release "Jobim Forever," please visit

Sticking with the theme of Brazilian jazz, we have the latest release from vocalist Irina Zubareva titled "Bridges To Rio." This Russian-born jazz artist always wanted to forge the styles of Russian jazz (which she was brought up on) with the Latin-jazz flavor of Brazil and her new 14-track album does just that. The opening song "Samba Little Samba/Show De Bola" sets the stage for the rest of the album with the intensity of the music, Irina to deliver some great scat-singing and a band that knows how to push the tempo. Irina and the band also showcase their softer, mellow sides on the sultry ballad "Copacabana" and the smooth, Bossa Nova rhythm of "Como Se Fosse." She also creates a unique sound with the melding of different jazz styles on songs like "Triste" and "I'm Beginning To See The Light," which may have you listening to music in a different way, figuring out the differences between the originals and these new versions. Irina Zubareva wraps up her new album with more swinging rhythms in the form of "Brigas Nunca Mais" and "A Ra," along with the energetic Russian composition "U Prirody Net Blohoy Pogody." To find out more about Irina Zubareva and her latest release "Bridges To Rio," please visit

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Check Out Upcoming Jazz Releases from Wayne Alpern, Kenny Shanker and the Billy Test Trio

New York City composer, arranger Wayne Alpern is raring and ready to release his latest album titled "Frankenstein." He describes his work on these new tracks as "bits of brawn and brains and bones dug up from the dirt, reconstructed and revived." The eleven song album kicks off with an experimental jazz version of Carole King's "You've Got A Friend," which keeps the energy high and incorporates snippets of speeches from President Obama. Next, Alpern conducts his A-class of musicians through the smooth jazz sounds of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud," before finding the perfect niche with Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island." Another masterpiece that Wayne Alpern makes his own is the Duke Ellington classic "Black Beauty," as he gives respect to the master with this top-notch rendition. Wayne and his band finish up the album with the mellow meshing of jazz and R&B on Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," along with the funky, upbeat deliveries of "Dancing In The Street" and "Gimmie Some Lovin'." To find out more about Wayne Alpern and his latest release "Frankenstein," please visit

Next on the horizon is the latest release from saxophonist Kenny Shanker titled "Beautiful Things." It features a dozen new track, beginning with the swinging melody of "Cool Things" and the up-tempo, energetic blast of "Prestissimo," before slowing down for the mellow jazz of Rodgers & Hart's "It Never Entered My Mind." The tempo picks back up with the back and forth of "Orange And Gray" with Mike Eckroth on piano and Kenny Shanker on sax, as the two waltz around your speakers in a dance of power and grace. Next, Kenny delivers the feel-good sounds of the classic "Without A Song," which has been performed by a number of artists including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Perry Como just to name a few, but here Kenny adds his own touches to make it his own. The album finishes with the swift-moving melody of "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise" and the gentle, flowing sounds of "Beautiful Things." To find out more about Kenny Shanker and his latest release "Beautiful Things," please visit

Last, but not least, we have the new album titled "Coming Down Roses" from the Billy Test Trio. This is Billy's debut as a band leader, as he guides them through these nine tracks, which are mostly originals with a couple of covers thrown in. The album begins with one of those covers, Cole Porter's "All Of You," which continues to build with excitement, as the trio inject every emotion into the song. The Billy Test Trio keep it smooth and simple on the gentle touch of "Spinning," before ramping the energy back up with the intense delivery of "Hardly." They once again showcase their more elegant side with the mellow touch of "Empty Spaces," while also giving respect to the late, great jazz pianist John Coastes Jr. with a beautiful rendition of his song "The Prince." The Billy Test Trio close out their new album with the quiet, emotional touch of "Belonging," which is how Test feels as a composer on his first album as a bandleader. To find out more about The Billy Test Trio and their latest release "Coming Down Roses," please visit

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

New Experimental Music From Guitarists Cary Heuchert and Ari Lehtela

From Canada comes the latest release from singer, songwriter, guitarist Cary Heuchert titled "Hourglass." It features ten new original tracks that echoes the early days of prog-rock music, as Cary opens with the gentle, acoustic folk touch of "This Is The Time," which feels more relevant during the alone times of the pandemic lockdown. He continues with the more experimental, psychedelic tone of "The Sea Of Faces" and the sweet words of "You Are The World To Me." Cary has a special bond with the listener, making them feel that the words and music are just for them, as in "From The Corner Of My Eye," which simply floats on by, putting the listener in a calm, relaxed state. Next, he plugs in, showcasing the diversity in his music and his work with the electric guitar, as the driving force behind "Together," before Cary closes out his new album with the nostalgic pop overtones of "I Don't Want To Say Goodnight To You" and spacey, trippy blues sound of "When Fortune Smiles." To find out more about Cary Heuchert and his latest release "Hourglass," please visit

North Carolina guitarist Ari Lehtela is returning with a new twelve-track album of instrumentals titled "The Year The Earth Stood Still." Back in early 2020, Ari was in the early stages of creating new music for what was going to be he next studio album. Then, when the pandemic hit, Ari turned his attention toward what was happening in the world. The music created on this new album reflects that period of isolation and wonder, as Ari uses instruments that he has built himself to create these unique musical pieces. The album begins with a short "Prologue," which sounds like a band warming-up played in reverse, before reaching the gliding tone of "Sight Distance," which seems to swing on the pendulum of volume. Ari experiments even more with his sound on the nearly nine-minute exploration of "Pandemonium," as this jazz piece continues to search for a direction. The sweet acoustics of the next "Interlude" feels as if Ari is just testing out a newly built stringed instrument on this short, but compelling track, while "Blursdays" has a bluesy overtone, as you follow every note, wondering where it will take you. Ari Lehtela finishes his new album with smooth, funky jazz vibe of "Conflicting Reports" and the calm feeling of the title-track, "The Year The Earth Stood Still." To find out more about Ari Lehtela and his latest release "The Year The Earth Stood Still," please visit

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Wandering Hearts Return With Career-Defining Album

Americana band, The Wandering Hearts spent the winter of 2020 up in the Catskills creating their new self-titled album, which will be released on August 6th, through Cooking Vinyl. Only two years earlier, this U.K. band was personally invited by Marty Stuart to perform with him at the famous Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman Auditorium. Now, on the eve of their sophomore effort being released, it time for The Wandering Hearts to break-through into the mainstream with their new twelve-song album.

It starts off with the song "Hammer Falls," as the band's stellar harmonies continue to build and amaze on this darker opening track. Their sound reckons back to folk/pop melodies of the sixties and seventies, drawing similarities to Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Mamas & The Papas, along with Simon & Garfunkel and even Fleetwood Mac. The chugging rhythm of "Build A Fire" keeps pace, while the explosion of voices during the chorus only makes you want to join in and sing-along to this strong message of companionship.

The Wandering Hearts slow down for the gentle folk ballads "I Feel It Too" and "Dolores," which are highlighted by the warming, angelic vocals of Tara Wilcox and Francesca Whiffin. Marty Stuart and his wife "gifted" the song "Dreams" to The Wandering Hearts, which carries a nostalgic country vibe and was recorded at the legendary Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The album finishes with the acoustic-pop style of "Never Too Late," which brings up comparisons to Cat Stevens, along with the up-beat, energy strumming of "On Our Way" and the beautiful, quiet gem "Lullaby." To find out more about The Wandering Hearts and their new self-titled album, please visit

Monday, July 26, 2021

New Blues Music Arriving From Newcomer Bluhauz and the Veteran Sean Chambers

Arriving August 6th from LoSweet Records is the self-titled debut album from singer, songwriter, guitarist Bluhauz. The journey Bluhauz has been long, from admiring the work of Jimmy Page from his home country of Argentina, to attending the Berklee College of Music to being a member of the indie-rock band, Stone Giant. Now, it Bluhauz time with a new set of thirteen songs, beginning with the bluesy guitar strut of "Purify My Soul" and the reggae vibe of "What's Going On?," as Bluhauz sounds well-experienced beyond his years. He digs deep into the swampy, delta blues of "Tell Me Baby" and motors along with "Keep On Rolling," which sounds like it was taken from a jam session in the studio with some friends. His guitar explodes during the steady pace of "Generation Calling," as Bluhauz' vocals sound as if giving a sermon to his followers. His sound then turns to the seventies-style, big guitar rock of "Easy Way Out," before wrapping up his new album with the upbeat, soulful, southern blues groove of "Celebration" and the final sonic blast of "Everyday," which leaves you wanting more from this new artist. To find out even more about blues/rock artist Bluhauz and his latest self-titled release, please visit

Blues singer, guitarist Sean Chambers also recently released his new album titled "That's What I'm Talkin About," a tribute to his dear friend and mentor, Chicago blues artist Hubert Sumlin. The album was recorded during the pandemic of 2020 and was released back on July 9th through Quarto Valley Records. It features eleven tracks, which is a mix of covers and originals, beginning with the big blues introduction of "Chunky," which allows the band to get warmed up on this original opening instrumental. Then, they deliver a raw sounding version of Willie Dixon's "Do The Do" and the energetic romp of Chester Burnett's "Rockin Daddy." These were all songs that Hubert Sumlin would perform live, as Chambers and his band would back Sumlin on stage for years. Their love for the great Willie Dixon continues with the chugging rhythm and blues swagger of "Hidden Charms," before reaching the only other original track of the album "Hubert's Song," which Sean wrote about the time he spent with the late, great blues artist. The album finishes with a pair of slow burning blues classics, "Sitting On Top Of The World" and "Louise," which allows Sean Chambers to get his proper guitar licks in. To find out more about Sean Chambers and his latest release "That's What I'm Talking About," please visit

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Discover New Music From Independent Artists Robert Stoner, Tamara L. Wilson and Sheridan

Bay-area singer, songwriter Robert Stoner recently released his debut album titled "Year Of Pain." Coming from a musical family (brother is professional violinist), Robert has spent many years performing music and during the pandemic shutdown decided to record an album's worth of material with the help of producer Ben Bernstein. The nine tracks that make up the album have a very personal, vulnerable sound, as most of the songs only feature Robert's vocals and an acoustic guitar with some occasional harmonies from fellow singer, songwriter Mary Elise. The album begins with the autobiographical tale of "Just A Riverboat" and the beautiful graceful ballad "Holy Grail." The delivery of the poetic lyrics of "Out Of Time" and "Wait Until The Morning" demand your attention, as Robert sings about the struggles with personal relationships. He finishes his new album with the quiet, relaxed tone of "Hear Your Voices" and recollections of his past trials of life with "Year Of Pain." To find out more about Robert Stoner and his latest release "Year Of Pain," please visit

Fellow singer. songwriter Tamara L Wilson also recently released her new 4-song EP titled "Let It Go," which was inspired by all the grievance and stress in today's world. The album begins with the soulful vibes of "It's Your Life (Believe)," as Tamara sings about being proud of who you are, no mater what anyone else thinks. The energy picks up with the funky pop remix of her song "Little More Love," which is a jolt of positivity that everyone could use right now. The album closes with the smooth R&B vibe of title track "Let It Go" and the inspirational sounds of "Have It All." To find out more about Tamara L. Wilson and her latest release "Let It Go," please visit

Hip-hop/pop artist and musical chameleon Sheridan (Sheridan Carter Crane) released his new EP titled "On Myself" back in June. It features eight tracks, beginning with Sheridan rolling through the poetic hip-hop-style lyrics of "Where's The Ref?" without missing a beat. The album then moves toward an R&B direction with the smooth sounds of "Hell," while "Like You Did" finds Sheridan stepping outside his comfort zone for this addictive alternative-pop melody. He wraps up his new album with strong, repetitive chorus of "Walk Away," which is unforgettable, along with the mellow vibe of the album closer "On Myself." To find out more about Sheridan and his latest release "On Myself," please visit

Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music On The Horizon From Infex, Graveyard Shifters and Qrixkuor

It has been a few years since we last heard from the Bay Area thrash metal band, Infex. They are preparing to release their new studio album "Burning In Exile" on August 13th. It features nine tracks, beginning with "Blood Of The Wicked," which is soaked in thrash metal nostalgia, as Infex get the blood pumping right away with this intense opener. Their sound also crosses over in the hardcore genre with the aggressive tones of songs like "The Burning" and "Acid Reign." They continue to march upon your ears with the adrenaline-fueled attack of "The Abyss" and "Legions Of Hate," before wrapping up their new album with amazing heavy metal onslaught of the six-minute closer "7.62." To find out more about Infex and their latest release, please visit

Also arriving at the beginning of August is a new 4-song EP titled "Heads Turn First, Eyes Follow," from the Finnish punk-rock band, Graveyard Shifters. They come blasting right out the gate with the aggressive, hardcore chaos that they are known for in the form of "Fake It Till You Make It," before speeding thing up with the punk-rock tempo of the title-track "Heads Turn First, Eyes Follow." The new EP finishes with the heavy pounding rhythm of "Whirlpool" and the darker, alternative rock approach of the closer "Calm Down Before The Storm." To find our more about Graveyard Shifters and their latest release "Heads Turn First, Eyes Follow," please visit

English dark metal band, Qrixkuor are ready to unleash their full-length debut album titled "Poison Palinopsia." While the album only features two-tracks, each lasting for over 24 minutes, it feels as if you are invited to listen to a hallowing soundtrack to a movie that is too gruesome to be filmed. The first track titled "Serpentine Susurrus - Mother's Abomination" shifts between doom metal and hardcore chaos, as the music created between the three band members echoes in your head. The second track is titled "Recrudescent Malevolence - Mother's Illumination" and slowly builds to its aggressive peak, as you find yourself falling deeper and deeper in the dark musical voyage that Qrixkuor has created for you. To find out more about the band and their latest release "Poison Palinopsia," please visit

Friday, July 23, 2021

Tantric Deliver "The Sum Of All Things" & Electric Six Cover Their "Streets Of Gold"

Arriving today, July 23rd from Cleopatra Records, is the eighth studio album from hard rock/heavy metal band Tantric. Tantric hit the ground running, when their self-titled debut album was released in 2001, which ended up reaching gold sale status. Now, twenty years later, the band are still making great music with their new album "The Sum Of All Things." The fourteen-track release begins with the dark opener "Alone," highlighted by lead singer Hugo Ferreira's iconic, raspy vocals, which gives more emotion behind the lyrics. The band bring the energy to "Walk That Way" with a grunge-like metal sound, which keeps the music edgy and honest. The album's lead single "Living Here Without You" is a great re-introduction to the band with its hard-hitting, heavy metal guitar riffs, pounding rhythm and melodic vocals. Tantric keep motor going with the aggressive, sonic blast of "Take Me I'm Broken," which feature some great guitar work from Sebastian LeBar (son of the late, great Cinderella guitarist Jeff LeBar). The rhythm section of Jaron Gulino on bass and Jason Hartless on drums deliver the power and energy to songs like "Compound" and "Ten Years," allowing Hugo and Sebastian to do what they do best to deliver the band's music statement. The album finishes with a trio of bonus tracks, which include southern hard rock swagger of "Breakdown" and the poetic ballad "Whiskey And You." To find out more about Tantric and their latest release "The Sum Of All Things," please visit

Also on deck for a new release is a new covers album from Michigan rockers, Electric Six. Their new album titled "Streets Of Gold" will become available on July 30th from Cleopatra Records on CD, vinyl and digitally. Their new thirteen track release is highlighted by some exceptional covers, like their spot-on covers of Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies," Alice Cooper's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and Kiss' "Strutter." The Electric Six also give new life to some not-as-well-know classics like the Latin flair added to Love's "Maybe People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale" and Talking Heads' "Slippery People." The gems come at the end of the album, when they deliver the all-out, hard rock assault of Tin Machine's "Under The God" and the blues-pop reinterpretation of James Ingram's "Yah Mo Be There," along with a couple of reworkings of Electric Six's own songs "Danger! High Voltage" and "Gay Bar." To find out more about Electric Six and their latest release "Streets Of Gold," please visit

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Tim Kobza and Jared Rabin Use Pandemic Shutdown To Record New Albums

LA-based multi-instrumentalist Tim Kobza used his time during the COVID shutdown to create a new album's work of music. Tim stated that a "pause from live music allowed for creativity and collaboration on a different level." During this downtime, Tim Kobza recorded and recently released his sophomore solo effort "Montecito Heights." It features thirteen-tracks, beginning with the smooth, laid-back guitar jazz vibe of "Tranquilo" and the progressive nature of "La Vida Mysteriosa." Tim plugs in his guitar to rock out with the intense delivery of "Cafe Cantante," before diving back to the R&B/jazz flow of "Song That Is In Your Heart," featuring beautiful vocal work of Amanda Achen. Tim finds the pulse of city life with the rhythmic touch of "Note Poetry," while "Fluffy" rides a funky sound, highlighted by Tim exceptional guitar work. He wraps up his new album with the night-time jazz of "Slow Down" and the more up-tempo jazz of "Beats 93." To find out more about Tim Kobza and his latest release "Montecito Heights," please visit

Also recently released his the latest album titled "Cold Rain And Snow" from singer, songwriter Jared Rabin. This is Rabin's first all acoustic album and was also recorded during the shutdown of 2020. His new ten track album begins with a bluegrass-style cover of the Grateful Dead's "Cold Rain And Snow," which gets things moving with the song's swift strumming. Jared keeps things going with the up-tempo feel of the storied tale of "Hey Mister Doctor," along with the short instrumental piece "Salt Creek," which places you right in the country or the mountains, as the song puts Jared's right on display. One of the more mainstream, Americana tracks on this new release is the wonderfully addictive "No Sympathy," which will have you hitting repeat over and over again. Jared finishes his new album with the folk-style harmonies of "Most Any Diamond" and the dark overtones of "Moonshiner." To find out more about Jared Rabin and his latest release "Cold Rain And Snow," please visit

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Check Out New Music From Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets and Vocalist Ellen Foley

Southern California power-punk band, Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets have recently release their sophomore full-length studio effort "Under The Neon Heat" through Primal Beat Records. This album also welcomes the band's new guitarist Frank Agnew (The Adolecents, T.S.O.L.), who is one of the architects of the California punk scene in the 1980s. This new album feature eleven tracks, beginning with the album's lead single "Down With Commonwealth," which hits you like a bolt of energy. Blazing guitar riffs and a high-powered steady drum line is the perfect recipe to attach this music to your summer song playlist. The album continues with the big guitar sound and rock 'n' roll piano work of "Feel Alright," along with the classic punk chugging rhythm of "Tijuana Jail." Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets turn it up to eleven with the sing-along anthem of "Together Tonight," before showcasing their softer side with the acoustic strumming opening of "Unfinished Business," which turns out to be a great punk/blues number. The band wrap up their new album with the nostalgic punk sounds of "Broken Glass" and the raw, burning power ballad closer "Carmelita (Warren Does Warren)." To find out more about Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets' latest release "Under The Neon Heat," please visit

Rock and roll vocalist Ellen Foley is preparing to release her first set of new music in eight years. Her new album titled "Fighting Words" will be released on August 6th through Urban Noise Music. Foley may be best known as the female vocalist on Meatloaf's multi-platinum selling album "Bat Out Of Hell," as well as albums by Blue Oyster Cult and The Clash. On her new album, Ellen Foley has assembled a top-notch list of musicians to back her up on her new eleven-track release. She kicks things off with the straight-up rocker "Are You Good Enough," which showcases an edginess to Foley's delivery, before adding a bit of a punk-attitude to her sound with "I'm Just Happy To Be Here." Next, she moves on to the mellow blues of "Be Nice" and the country-style harmonies of "I Call My Pain By Your Name." Ellen Foley revisits her rock side with the southern swagger of "I'll Be True," before displaying her stellar vocals on the gentle ballad "Fill Your Cup." She finishes with the empowering female anthem "Leave Him Janie" and her solo piano version of "Heaven Can Wait," which was originally performed by Meatloaf, but was re-recorded by Foley for the film "Lies I Told My Little Sister." To find out more about Ellen Foley and her latest release "Fighting Words," please visit

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Beautiful Harmonies of Nobody's Girl Will Make You Stand Up And Take Notice Of This New Trio

Arriving July 30th from Lucky Hound Music is the self-titled full-length debut release from the Austin-based singer-songwriter trio, Nobody's Girl. Members BettySoo, Rebecca Loebe and Grace Pettis have established a following each on their own, but have united their voices for one of the best Americana/country albums of 2021. The trio got together about three years ago to just record some songs for an EP titled "Waterline," which also took them out on the road for most of 2019. They re-entered the studio back in September of that year and wrote and recorded a full album's worth of material in nearly record time. The album's release was delayed slightly due to the pandemic, but now features some of today's best pop/country harmonies.

The album begins with "Kansas," which has a pure modern country sound, based on the story of the "Wizard Of Oz," as you instantly notice the chemistry between the three singers. Nobody's Girl keep the energy going with the steady rhythm of "Rescued" and then take a step toward mainstream pop with the harmonies of "Tiger," before reaching the wonderful vocals and songwriting of "Promised Land." They turn the volume up to ten on the country rocker "What'll I Do" and deliver an edgier sound with "Waterline," before slowing down for the honest, simple touch of Carole King's "So Far Away." Nobody's Girl finish their new album with the graceful touch of "The Morning After," as the music just floats on by, along with the quiet, folk approach of "Lark." To find out more about Nobody's Girl and their new self-titled release, please visit

Monday, July 19, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Richard Pryor's "Live At The Comedy Store, 1973"

One of the best hidden gems of the Richard Pryor catalog will be released on Friday, July 23rd through Omnivore Recordings in full cooperation with the Richard Pryor Estate. This new release "Live At The Comedy Store, 1973" was only partial released in 2013 as a promo, as part of the Richard Pryor box set "No Pryor Restraint: Life In Concert." The original promo featured fourteen tracks, but this new release adds on six bonus tracks that made their way out to the public as part of other Richard Pryor compilations. Now, all of Pryor's performance from that first night is available on this proper new release.

He starts off, pulling no punches, spending ten minutes talking about "Street Corner Winos." He sets up every punchline with a story that makes you believe he experienced each tale first hand. He also dives into much of the taboo topics like "Dope," "Sex," "Religion" and even takes shots at the current president, Richard Nixon. The original fourteen-track release closes with Pryor naming "Celebrities In The Audience," by poking fun at some of their short-comings. The bonus tracks are absolutely required listening, as he starts off with "Death" and how he would like to have died, before comparing Sammy Davis Jr. to Jim Brown. He closes with another jab at religion what Jesus went through to explain how "Jesus Saves," along with an edited version of the opening track "Street Corner Wino," which hits the funny bone one last time.

This new release also includes new liner notes from Corey Frye and restoration from Grammy winner Michael Graves. To find out more about this new live album from Richard Pryor, please visit

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Grab A Hold Of New Heavy Metal Music From Space Chaser and DemiAura

Metal Blade Records is proud to present the latest release from Germany's own, Space Chaser. This thrash metal band recently released their third full-length album "Give Us Life" on July 16th. It feature ten tracks that get things moving quickly with the high-energy attack of "Remnants Of Technology," which showcases the growth in the band's songwriting since their last album "Dead Sun Rising," nearly five years ago. The album continues with the aggressive onslaught of "Juggernaut" and the heavy metal pounding rhythm of "Cryoshock." The speed of the guitars on "The Immortals" is mind-blowing, while "Burn Them All" has an edginess to it, which gives Space Chaser's music that raw, in-your-face sound. They wrap up their new album with the marching drums of the title-track "Give Us Life" and the intense thrash metal conclusion of "Dark Descent." To find out more about Space Chaser and their latest release "Give Us Life," please visit

On July 16th, we also have the debut album from the progressive metal band, DemiAura. Their new album "The Ascendant" has been four years in the making with the roots of the band tracing back two decades. The new ten track release begins with the exciting, explosive high-energy sound of "Pleiadian," which only gets better with the strong, harmonic vocals of Chelsea Wrathchild. Right away, you will notice the stellar musicianship of the instruments as they interweave around each other, as the songs change tempo and melody. Their sound becomes even more epic sounding on the aggressive touch of "Between Two Fires," while "The Dreaming" floats between a mystical meditation and an intense all-out rock assault. DemiAura finish-off their new album with the seven-minute build-up of "Shining Through" and final sonic blast of "Equinox," which has the band pushing the envelope of progressive metal music. To find out more about DemiAura and their latest release "The Ascendant," please visit

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Immerse Yourself In Classic Rock With Two New Live Albums From The Rolling Stones and Foghat

On July 9th, Mercury Studios have released a new 2CD/Blu-ray/DVD set titled "The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang: Live On Copacabana Beach." A deluxe 3 LP color-vinyl version will be released in August. The tour that supported The Rolling Stones album "A Bigger Bang" lasted for two years, hitting over twenty different countries and is currently ranked second all-time of the highest grossing tours of all-time. The tour was also well-documented with a number of different videos previously released, including Martin Scorsese's documentary "Shine A Light" and the Best Buy exclusive 4-DVD set "The Biggest Bang," which included this show. This new release was remixed, remastered and features four songs that were not on the original video release ("Tumbling Dice," "Oh No, Not Your Again," "This Place Is Empty" and "Sympathy For The Devil") and will be available for the first time on CD, vinyl and digitally.

The opening helicopter shot of the crowd is enormous, as it seems like over 100,000 fans are in attendance. Plus, the concert being right on the beach allows boaters to also take in this classic show from The Rolling Stones. The video is your typical presentation, as it interweaves close-ups of the band and scans of the crowd. The stage is quite massive with plenty of room for the band to move around and for the cameramen to capture every angle possible. Highlights of the set are the two blues numbers "Midnight Rambler" with Mick Jagger wailing away on the harmonica and their cover of the Ray Charles classic "Night Time Is The Right Time." The audio version alone is still exuberant with energy, but without the video portion to accompany the music, you are only getting half of the experience. This performance by The Rolling Stones ranks up their with some of their best (along with the moving stage and all) and may even be considered one of the best shows of their late-career resurgence.

The deluxe release, also includes a previously unreleased show from November 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah, performed only a few months before this historic Brazilian show and includes some songs not performed on the Copacabana Beach, like "She's So Cold" and "Infamy." Also included with the deluxe edition is a 40-page, full color book, which houses the discs from the deluxe set. To find out more about "The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang: Live On Copacabana Beach" deluxe release, please visit

Classic rock artists, Foghat have also recently released a new live album titled "8 Days On The Road." It was recorded November 17, 2019 at Darryl's House Club in Pawling, NY, just four months before COVID-19 shut down all live music around the world for 2020. This new fourteen-song set is finds one of the original hard rock bands of the seventies, performing some of their biggest hits in this small, intimate club, which just makes the music explode through the speakers. The show starts off with a pair of traveling songs, "Drivin' Wheel" and "Road Fever," as the band's performance is filled with high-energy and blazing guitar solos. Foghat dive deep into the blues with their cover of the Elmore James classic "It Hurts Me Too" and adds a little extra punch to Al Green's testimonial anthem "Take Me To The River." The real gems of this set is their most well-know rockers "Fool For The City," an extended nine-minute jam of "I Just Want To Make Love To You" and of course one of the biggest rock anthems of all time "Slow Ride," which pushes things to the max with Foghat's excellent live performance of the song. This new live album "8 Days On The Road" kicks off the band's 50th anniversary celebration, which finds them hitting the road this summer. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about Foghat's latest release, please visit

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Music Of INXS Gets Reimagined On New "Original Sin" Soundtrack

Arriving today, July 16th, is a new short film and soundtrack titled "Original Sin - The Seven Sins." Director Amy Tinkham explains that the movie reimagines Dante's Inferno through the eyes of a woman named Jane, a 21st century heroine who has been isolated during the recent pandemic, yet continues to search for love and validation for her soul. The film is intertwined with the music of INXS, as the soundtrack features original and reimagined versions of some of their greatest hits.

The new thirteen-track release begins with a "Drum Opera" performed by INXS founding member Jon Farriss, which sets the mood for this wild, cinematic adventure. The soundtrack continues with the rare, INXS B-side "Let It Ride," which was one of the final studio recordings by Michael Hutchence with the band. The song's dark, eerie opening continues to build with excitement, before reaching the wild horn closure of the song. Swedish singer Ida Redig delivers her versions of the INXS classics "Kill The Pain" and "Taste It," while Sophia Amato and Global Network turn "Never Tear Us Apart" in a modern, soulful act of penance. This version of "Never Tear Us Apart" and George Alice's version of "Suicide Blonde" will make you realize how great the lyrics are to INXS' songs. They can be delivered in a number of different ways to portray different emotions and meanings within the music. One of the highlights of this soundtrack is Michael Hutchence's version of Eric Burdon & War's 1970 classic "Spill The Wine," which has Hutchence pulling off some of his best blues vocals over the song's Latin flair melody. The album finishes with Trevor Jackson and Wyatt Stromer teaming up on "Need You Tonight," which has been turned into an R&B pop anthem, along with Alterboy's version of "New Sensation." To find out more about the new soundtrack to the film "Original Sin - The Seven Sins," which was released through UMe and Petrol, please visit

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of "Almost Famous" With A New 5-CD & 7-LP Uber Box Set

It have been over 20 years since the award-winning film "Almost Famous" was released in theaters. Just as great as the film was the accompanying soundtrack, which featured some of the biggest names in classic rock, like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Yes, The Allman Brothers and many, many more. The album won the Grammy-award for the "Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media." In celebration of the anniversary of the album, Universal Music has compiled the ultimate "Almost Famous" box set, which consists of five CDs, seven 180-gram vinyl LPs, and a new 7-inch single version of Stillwater's "Fever Dog."

While the movie follows the fictions band, Stillwater around the country as they tour and become somewhat famous, the main star of the film is the music. The original album featured seventeen tracks, with only one performed by the band, Stillwater. This new deluxe box set features an entire disc of songs performed by Stillwater and musical director Nancy Wilson, including demos and live jams. The six Stillwater songs that appear in the movie are all here in this set, while the demos feature Nancy Wilson (Heart) performing the songs for the members of Stillwater to learn and perform. This set also features an entire disc dedicated to Wilson's musical score for the movie, which also includes her great demos and outtakes.

The soundtrack for the film is covered extensively in this set. If a snippet of a song was played or lines were sung by an actor in the movie, then the song appears in this new box set. Three of the CDs are filled with 65 classic rock anthems, folk favorites and nostalgic pop hits. The set ranges from Alvin & The Chipmunks singing "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" to Iggy & The Stooges performing "Search And Destroy" to Stevie Wonder singing "My Cherie Amour." Some of the bands (favorites of director Cameron Crowe) appear more than once in this new set, like Led Zeppelin (5 times), Yes (twice) and Elton John (twice). The set will feel like a flashback to when music was the soundtrack to many peoples lives, as the radio was the ultimate escape for many of us. If you don't fall in love with the music on this new expanded soundtrack, then you need a lesson in classic rock music. One of the hidden highlights amongst the 102-tracks that appear in this new massive set, is the small, three-song jam with actors Mark Kozelek (Larry Fellows) and John Fedevich (Ed Vallencourt). They perform "That's The Way" by Led Zeppelin, "Down By The River" by Neil Young and then invite the rest of Stillwater to jam to the original "Fever Dog."

This limited-edition Uber Box Set also includes a 40-photo book, a high-school notebook style memoir with writings from director Cameron Crowe, musical director Nancy Wilson and members of the cast, along with the complete 1973 write-up in "Rolling Stone" about Stillwater. There is also replicas of concert posters, backstage passes and show tickets from Stillwater's San Diego and Cleveland concerts. This Uber Box Set, along with a new individual six LP set and a new individual 5CD set will be released on August 20th. A new deluxe edition 2CD set and the original 2-LP vinyl soundtrack is available now, along with a complete digital version of the Uber Box Set. To find out more about this amazing, new extensive coverage of the "Almost Famous" soundtrack, please visit

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Check Out Thor's "Alliance" With Some Special Guests & Discover The Early Days Of Mourning Noise

Classic cult metal superhero, Thor is ready to release their brand new studio album "Alliance" on July 16th, through Deadline Music. This latest effort finds Jon Mikl Thor and his amazing band working with a load of special guests from bands like W.A.S.P., Raven and Anthrax. The new epic, seventeen track album begins with the perfect heavy metal anthem for Thor, "We Need Musclerock," which features the perfect chant-along chorus, as Jon trades vocal duties with John Gallagher of the legendary metal band Raven. The energy and tempo picks up on the nostalgic thrash metal attack of "Niflhel (Realm Of The Dead)" and then pounds the message of "The Ultimate Alliance," as Thor assembles his heavy metal supergroup of Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.), Ross Friedman (Manowar), Nina Osegueda (A Sound Of Thunder) and Fang Vonwrathenstein (Lords Of The Trident). Former Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin lends a hand to the grand hard rock anthem "We Will Fight Forever," while Danko Jones adds that extra bolt of energy to the addictive storied tale of "Rock Around The World." The album does also feature some songs with just Jon Mikl Thor and his band, as they blow you away with their heavy metal assault on "Power Hungry," before diving back into his collaborations with Trevor William Church (Haunt) on the chugging guitar riffs of the power-fueled "Battlements." The album finishes up with the raw, blazing metal attack of "After The Laughter," featuring Martin Gummesson of Thundermaker, along with the battle anthem "Congregate" and the reprise of "We Will Fight Forever," as the band lay down one final statement for heavy metal supremacy. To find out more about Thor's latest release "Alliance," please visit

Now, lets travel back in time to some of the early days of American punk music. Musician Steve Zing may be best known as the bassist for the heavy metal outfit Danzig and even as the drummer of Glenn Danzig earlier band, Samhain, but before that, he was a kid that would try and catch rehearsals for the influential punk unit, The Misfits. This made Steve Zing start his own punk band, Mourning Noise, which recently released a brand new compilation of studio demos and outtakes simply titled "Mourning Noise." This new 33-track compilation finds Zing digging through the vault to release a full, unissued LP that the band recorded back in the early eighties, but never released before the band disbanded in 1984. The quality of the sound switches between the outtakes, demos, live performances, but the overall energy is present through each performance. The rawness of some of the songs makes you feel like you've uncovered a treasure of early punk. Songs like "Monster Madness," "Vincent's Theme" and "Underground Zero" appear on this compilation in different formats, as you hear the song grow and evolve from is demo form to it live format, as the compilation closes with Mourning Noise performing live in 1982 for radio station WFMU. To find out more about this new compilation of song from Mourning Noise, please visit

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

New Progressive Music From Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen, Billy Yfantis and Head With Wings

Guitarists Jon Durant and Stephan Thelen have teamed-up once again to create some new amazing music in the form of "Crossings." The album was conceived and recorded during the pandemic of 2020, each working from their own home studio, which is across the Atlantic Ocean I might add. The seven tracks that the duo created for this album, show how quickly this collaboration grew from a single song for a compilation into this amazing project. The album begins with the beautiful layers of "Vol de Nuit," as you hear the two artists expressing their own talents in different ways, which work together to create an instrumental work of art. Durant and Thelen deliver the calm of "Sunrise" and then take you on an epic 13-minute journey of sound exploration with the title-track "Crossings." The intensity continues to build during the pulsating tones of "Fractal 5.7," before closing the album with the ambient soundscape of "Infinity." To find out more about "Crossings," this latest collaboration between Jon Durant and Stephan Thelen, please visit

Musician and author Billy Yfantis recently released his latest work of art, "Noises From Outer Space." It features only six tracks, which take you on an hour-long adventure into the upper stratosphere. The album opens with the subtle sounds of "Astral Noise," as intent listening is mandatory to hear the subtle shifts in the notes. The perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi novelization is the only way to describe the sweeping soundscapes of "Cosmic Noise" and "Galactic Noise." Billy Yfantis gives you the full experience with the spacey tones of "Interstellar Noise," before wrapping up his new outer space album with the exciting conclusion of "Planetary Noise." To find out more about Billy Yfantis and his latest release "Noises From Outer Space," please visit

On the horizon is the new three-song EP "Comfort In Illusion" from the Connecticut progressive rock ensemble, Head With Wings. This is the band's first set of new music in three years and will be released on July 16th. The album kicks off with the complexity of "Uncertainty," which builds with intensity during each chorus, as their music in this set displays the true meaning of progressive by pushing the limits of music. Next, Head With Wings work in different tempos for "Contemplating The Loop," which keeps you on your toes, guessing which direction the song takes you. They finish their new short release with the heaviest rock on the album, "In A House Without Clocks" shows more aggression, while also keeping the band's iconic sound of delivering a message within the music. To find out more about Head With Wings and their latest release "Comfort In Illusion," please visit

Monday, July 12, 2021

Expand Your Palette With New Music From Dewa Budjana, Mahogany Frog and J. Peter Schwalm

Guitarist Dewa Budjana recently released his brand new album titled "Naurora" throught MoonJune Records. While it features only five tracks, each song is a journey into sound with sweeping soundscapes and progressive instrumentation, which keeps you glued to the speakers. He begins with the eleven-minute title track "Naurora," which begins with an ambient opening that quickly gets swept away by some amazing guitar work by Budjana, as he masters his own craft. Pianist Joey Alexander also lends his talents on the piano to this epic piece. Next, the mood gets funky with the beginning licks of "Swarna Jingga," supplied by Mateus Asato, as Dewa works together with Mateus and drummer Dave Weckl on this high-energy, rhythm-fueled track. The album wraps up with the gentler, jazz vibe of Sabana Shanti, as the music simply glides along peacefully, while "Blue Mansion" has the full support of the band jamming with Dewa Budjana on this bluesy, rock finale. To find out more about Dewa Budjana and his latest release "Naurora," please visit

Next, we have the latest release from the spaced-out progressive rock band, Mahogany Frog. Their newest studio effort "In The Electric Universe" is the band's seventh album overall, but only their third with MoonJune Records. Mahogany Frog's new six-song release was recorded between 2013-2019, and its initial release was delayed due to the pandemic. Now, with its official release we get to dive into the far reaches of space rock with these epic pieces of musical art, beginning with the fourteen-minute journey of "Theme From P.D." The music is like a cornucopia for your ears, with so much going on that you find yourself glued to the magical flow of sounds that flow between ambient and psychedelia. The band get right down to it with the energetic blast of "CUbe," while "(((Sundog)))" is an epic escape that takes you from the relaxed state of the opening chords to the spaced out chaos that ensues, before floating through the subtle touch of music. Mahogany Frog finish their new album with the exciting, all-out hard rock assault of "Floral Flotilla" and the jazz fusion of "Octavio," which ends one final sonic blast off into space. To find out more about Mahogany Frog and their latest release "In The Electric Universe," please visit

Multi-instrumentalist J. Peter Schwalm has returned once again with a brand new album titled "Aufbruch." This time, he brought along guitarist Markus Reuter to add another dimension to his ambient soundscapes. Schwalm's new nine-song release, begins with the dark overtones of "Der Aufbruch," as the melody floats by in waves. Intent listening is required to pick up every note, as the music of "Von Anbeginn" shifts from a soft, elegant flowing soundscape to an electronic maze of sound. Schwalm takes his music and delivers it like a soundtrack to a film that has not been made, but you can visualize what the atmosphere and mood is suppose to portray in the seven-minute storied instrumental "Abbau." Vocalist Sophie Tassignon lends her talents to the soft, gentle touch of "Lebewohl" and the sterile feeling of "Losgelost," before J. Peter Schwalm closes his new album with the quiet, gentle, relaxed finale of "Abschied." To find out more about J. Peter Schwalm and his latest release "Aufbruch," please visit

Friday, July 9, 2021

Laura Nyro "Live In Japan" Album Finally Gets Worldwide Release Through Omnivore Recordings

On July 16th, Omnivore Recordings will release the original Japan-only live album titled "Tree Of Ages: Live In Japan" from the late, great singer, songwriter Laura Nyro. Nyro is a member of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and the Songwriters Hall Of Fame with a catalog that includes hit songs for artists like Barbara Streisand, Three Dog Night, 5th Dimension and Blood, Sweat & Tears. This "Live In Japan" album was originally issued back in 2003 and was recorded at the Kintetsu Hall in Osaka, Japan in February 1994.

The album features sixteen songs, which range from Laura's owned penned hits to covers of some of her influences, including the two opening tracks "Dedicated To The One I Love" (made famous by The Mamas & The Papas) and "Ooh Baby Baby" (by Smokey Robinson). The show sounds exceptional with just Laura, a piano and a small harmony trio, as the music and performance sound so intimate. Her live show was made up mostly of songs from her latest release at the time, her 1993 album "Walk The Dog And Light The Light." The songs "Louise's Church" and "Like A Flame (The Animal Rights Song)" sound as if Laura Nyro is singing right to you, as her pure talents shine on this release. She also demonstrates her songwriting talents with her versions of the hit songs "And When I Die" and "Save The Country," which have as much meaning now as when she wrote them back in the sixties. The audience gets into "Wedding Bell Blues," clapping out the rhythm, as Laura and the harmony group deliver a timeless version of the song. The album finishes with some more cover songs ("Walk On By," "Let It Be Me" and "Wind"), along with one final flashback of "My Innocence/Sophia" and the beautiful ballad "Art Of Love." To find out more about this this new release of Laura Nyro's live album "Tree Of Ages: Live In Japan," please visit

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Doogie White Solo "As Yet Untitled" Album Gets 10th Anniversary Release

Scottish rock vocalist Doogie White has had an illustrious career as the former lead singer of band's like Richie Blackmore's Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force. He currently sings lead for the classic heavy metal band Alcatrazz and La Paz. Back in 2011, Doogie White released his one (and only) solo album titled "As Yet Untitled," which featured ten tracks. In honor of the tenth anniversary of that album, Doogie White is reissuing the album as a 2-CD set along with an entire second disc of previously unreleased collaborations.

The "As Yet Untitled" album was originally recorded after his departure from Yngwie Malmsteen, as Doogie White was weighing his options for his next career move. The songs that appeared on the album still carry that hard rock edge that centers around Doogie's timeless vocals. I mean songs like "Time Machine," "Lonely" and "Catz Got Your Tongue" are full-on rockers, led by the amazing vocals of Doogie White, along with a cast of backing artists that are some of the best in the business, giving their all in every song. This new 10th anniversary release of the album features two bonus tracks that were left off the original album, but definitely deserve a spot on the album now. The first bonus track is "Dishing The Dirt," which even Doogie said "should have been on the album," but was sacrificed due to Whitesnake having a similar song with the same style and titled released around that time. The second bonus track is the power ballad "Small Town Saturday Night," which was written with Alex Dickson, but seemed out of place on this heavier rock record, according to Doogie White.

If two bonus tracks are not enough, their is an entire second disc of previously unreleased tracks that Doogie White has recorded over the years. The tracks on this disc include some outstanding covers of classics by Iron Maiden, Whitesnake and The Rolling Stones. Some of the stand-out tracks include Doogie's spot on delivery of one of the harder Iron Maiden songs to sing "The Clairvoyant," along with a raw version of Whitesnake's "Judgement Day." Doogie seems to be having fun paying tribute to his idols, The Rolling Stones with his run through "Let's Spend The Night Together" (which sounds more like a cover of the David Bowie version of the song). The bonus disc finishes with a perfect match-up of Doogie White performing the Nazareth classic "Love Hurts" and the nostalgic, swinging rock and roll of "Twistin' The Night Away." Doogie puts his stamp on every song his sings, as displayed on each and every track on this bonus disc. To find out more about this new 10th anniversary release of Doogie White's "As Yet Untitled" album, please visit

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

New Music From Country/Blues Crooner Clint Morgan & Drummer Extraordinaire John McTigue III

On July 16th, singer/songwriter Clint Morgan will release his new album titled "Troublemaker" through Lost Cause Records. The album was produced by Grammy award-winner Kevin McKendree and finds Morgan collaborating with some of the greats, like Watermelon Slim, Kinky Friedman and The McCrary Sisters. Morgan's new 15-song album kicks off with the classic honky-tonk country vibe of "Hangman Woman" and the old-fashion gospel chant of "Go Down, Moses," which is highlighted by the angelic vocals of The McCrary Sisters. Then, Clint Morgan dives deep into the blues with the double-headed "Ain't That The Blues" and "Hungry Man Blues," then picks the energy up for the straight-up rocker "It's Rough Out There," which features some sweet guitar work by Doug Lancio. Clint Morgan paints the perfect picture in your mind of "Hurricane Harvey" with his spoken-word lyrics about loss and redemption. Clint Morgan wraps up his new album with his collaboration with Kinky Friedman on the tongue-in-cheek, but probably true realization of "Somebody Put A Wal-Mart On The Farm," along with his parody of Shel Silverstein's "Cover Of Rolling Stone," titled "The Cover Of The Living Blues," which includes Watermelon Slim and Bob Margolin. To find out more about Clint Morgan and his latest release "Troublemaker," please visit

Then, on July 23rd drummer/composer John McTigue III will release his debut solo album titled "It's About Time." John was one of the founding members of the Nashville rockabilly band, Brazibilly and has worked alongside such great artists as Carlene Carter, Emmylou Harris and Rufus Wainwright, just to name a few. On his first solo album, John adds his own special touch to these twelve new tracks, beginning with the up-beat swinging tempo of his cover of "Deep Elem Blues, featuring Greg Garing on vocals and Kenny Vaughan on guitar. The album also features seven instrumental tracks like the hard-edged progressive rock touch of "Stockholm," the intense rhythm of "Soul Shepard" and the jazzy vibe of "Chopin Etude No. 4." Mixed in-between these instrumentals are some great songs like the grinding, grunge-style rock of "Keeping Time" and the swinging rockabilly melody of "Store Bought Liquor." Tim Carroll handles the guitar and vocals on the big, classic rock sound of "Talk To God," while "Ashes Of Love" is the band's attempt at a country ballad. John McTigue III finishes his new album with the pedal-steel guitar work of Ron Blakely on "The Whale Song" and John's modern string-ensemble on "String Quartet No. 3." To find out more about John McTigue III and his latest release "It's About Time," please visit

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Touch Of Jazz With New Releases From The Chris Saunders Band, Dave Flippo and Tanya Dennis

Singer, songwriter, trumpeter Chris Saunders has assembled his band for their latest release "Dancing With The Widow St. James." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the slow blues of "River's Invitation," as the music and melody matches up so well to Saunders' experienced vocals. The tempo picks up slightly for the soulful delivery of "Big Man," while "Butterflies And Chicken Wings" is straight-up funky, with the band in full support of Saunders' smooth vocals. The Chris Saunders Band gives a little Latin flair with the shuffle beats of "Am I Blue," while "Lightning And A Feather" carries that pure, nostalgic jazz vibe. They inject the blues into their music once again with "Life Is A Struggle," as Saunders begins to mold his vocals into a mix of Ray Charles and Dr. John, before the band finish off the new album with the wonderful waltz of "Lullaby Of Leaves." To find out more about The Chris Saunders Band and their latest release "Dancing With The Widow St. James," please visit

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Flippo recently released his sixth studio effort titled "Dedications - Jazz From Planet Flippo." It includes eleven tracks, beginning with Flippo's own arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Too High," as Dave gets the quintet firing on all cylinders. The melody of "Finch House" simply glides along the idea of watching these feathered friends on their daily routines. The energy comes pouring out of Flippo's stellar piano work on "Giraffe Trek," as the rest of the band follow suit. Next, Dave Flippo and his band rework Amy Winehouse' "Rehab" into a funky, jazz romp with elements of the original chorus shining through to still give it a pop element. Another reworked gem is Flippo's version of Radiohead's "Karma Police" which keeps the original song's overtone, while adding his own touches of piano and sax, just to jazz it up a bit. Dave Flippo and his band close out their new album with the gentle sway of "Four-Four Waltz" and the ten minute epic jazz piece "Metamorphosis." To find out more about Dave Flippo and his latest release "Dedications - Jazz From Planet Flippo," please visit

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Tanya Dennis also recently released her third album of new music titled "White Sails Blue Skies." It features nine tracks, beginning with the gentle, island vibe of "Chiaroscura," as Tanya's smooth vocal delivery simply melts away the pressures of the day. She picks the tempo up slightly with the tango of "Till You," highlighted by the wonderful harmonica work of Hendrik Meurkens. Her vocals soar on the mellow touch of "Where Are You" and the lyrics of "The World Can Do With Out Us Today" are the perfect message for lovers to enjoy. The island vibes come shining through again on the sweet sounds of "Indigo," before Tanya Dennis wraps up her new album with the smooth jazz flow of "All To Myself." To find out more about Tanya Dennis and her latest release "White Sails Blue Skies," please visit