Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Touch Of Jazz With New Releases From The Chris Saunders Band, Dave Flippo and Tanya Dennis

Singer, songwriter, trumpeter Chris Saunders has assembled his band for their latest release "Dancing With The Widow St. James." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the slow blues of "River's Invitation," as the music and melody matches up so well to Saunders' experienced vocals. The tempo picks up slightly for the soulful delivery of "Big Man," while "Butterflies And Chicken Wings" is straight-up funky, with the band in full support of Saunders' smooth vocals. The Chris Saunders Band gives a little Latin flair with the shuffle beats of "Am I Blue," while "Lightning And A Feather" carries that pure, nostalgic jazz vibe. They inject the blues into their music once again with "Life Is A Struggle," as Saunders begins to mold his vocals into a mix of Ray Charles and Dr. John, before the band finish off the new album with the wonderful waltz of "Lullaby Of Leaves." To find out more about The Chris Saunders Band and their latest release "Dancing With The Widow St. James," please visit chrissaundersband.com.

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Flippo recently released his sixth studio effort titled "Dedications - Jazz From Planet Flippo." It includes eleven tracks, beginning with Flippo's own arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Too High," as Dave gets the quintet firing on all cylinders. The melody of "Finch House" simply glides along the idea of watching these feathered friends on their daily routines. The energy comes pouring out of Flippo's stellar piano work on "Giraffe Trek," as the rest of the band follow suit. Next, Dave Flippo and his band rework Amy Winehouse' "Rehab" into a funky, jazz romp with elements of the original chorus shining through to still give it a pop element. Another reworked gem is Flippo's version of Radiohead's "Karma Police" which keeps the original song's overtone, while adding his own touches of piano and sax, just to jazz it up a bit. Dave Flippo and his band close out their new album with the gentle sway of "Four-Four Waltz" and the ten minute epic jazz piece "Metamorphosis." To find out more about Dave Flippo and his latest release "Dedications - Jazz From Planet Flippo," please visit flippomusic.com.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Tanya Dennis also recently released her third album of new music titled "White Sails Blue Skies." It features nine tracks, beginning with the gentle, island vibe of "Chiaroscura," as Tanya's smooth vocal delivery simply melts away the pressures of the day. She picks the tempo up slightly with the tango of "Till You," highlighted by the wonderful harmonica work of Hendrik Meurkens. Her vocals soar on the mellow touch of "Where Are You" and the lyrics of "The World Can Do With Out Us Today" are the perfect message for lovers to enjoy. The island vibes come shining through again on the sweet sounds of "Indigo," before Tanya Dennis wraps up her new album with the smooth jazz flow of "All To Myself." To find out more about Tanya Dennis and her latest release "White Sails Blue Skies," please visit tanyadennis.com.

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