Saturday, July 31, 2021

Check Out New Music From Ego Kill Talent, Spirit Breaker and The Dead Deads

Brazilian hard rock band, Ego Kill Talent recently released the first set in a new series of EPs titled simply "Acoustic." They are taking the songs from their sophomore album "The Dance Between Extremes," which was released earlier this year, and stripping them down to their core in order to "immerse ourselves in the softness of our music," according to the band. This first set of the series features only six songs, beginning with the slow burn of "The Reason," which allows you to concentrate on the song's lyrics, which are sung above the gentle melody of the music. You will grasp a hold of the meaning behind "Our Song," as lead singer Jonathan Dorr sings from the heart on this beautiful ballad. Ego Kill Talent's new, short EP finishes with the dark overtones of "Still Here" and the rawness of "Deliverance," as these new stripped-down versions display another side to the band's harder rock sound. To find out more about Ego Kill Talent and their latest release "Acoustic," please visit

Arriving August 13th is the sophomore effort titled "Cura Nata," from progressive, metalcore band, Spirit Breaker. Their new eleven-track release begins with the slow, melodic build-up of "Stardust Memory," which just explodes into "Pure Fury & Wonder," as you feel the full force of the band's hardcore sound. Spirit Breaker keep the pedal to the floor with the intense screaming vocals of "A Cure For Wellness," along with the chugging guitar riffs and thunderous drumming of the "Inhabitant." The band's more progressive side shines on the innovative sound of "Garden Of Clouds," while "Hello Drifter" is a hard-hitting attack on your ears. They wrap up their new album with the elevated hardcore energy of "The Mountain Between Us" and the raw aggression of "Lux Nova." To find out more about Spirit Breaker and their latest release "Cura Nata," please visit

The Nashville-based, all-female rock band, The Dead Deads are preparing to release their new studio album "Tell Your Girls It's Alright" on August 20th through Rumble Records. The band has occupied opening slots on tours with Kiss, Skid Row, Stone Sour, Seether and many others. Their new album features sixteen tracks that range in styles from the raw, grunge-style of "Thinkers And Preyers," to the big seventies rock vibe of "First Tooth," to the gentle folk acoustics of "Dead Inside," to the nu-metal appeal of "Deal With Me." The Dead Deads deliver some big guitar riffs with the edginess of "In For Blood" and hit the mainstream with the alternative pop of "Cure For Life," before closing out their new album with the intense pounding rhythm of "What It Is" and the punk-like delivery of "Hearsay." To find out more about The Dead Deads and their latest release "Tell Your Girls It's Alright." please visit

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