Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Check Out New Music From Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets and Vocalist Ellen Foley

Southern California power-punk band, Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets have recently release their sophomore full-length studio effort "Under The Neon Heat" through Primal Beat Records. This album also welcomes the band's new guitarist Frank Agnew (The Adolecents, T.S.O.L.), who is one of the architects of the California punk scene in the 1980s. This new album feature eleven tracks, beginning with the album's lead single "Down With Commonwealth," which hits you like a bolt of energy. Blazing guitar riffs and a high-powered steady drum line is the perfect recipe to attach this music to your summer song playlist. The album continues with the big guitar sound and rock 'n' roll piano work of "Feel Alright," along with the classic punk chugging rhythm of "Tijuana Jail." Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets turn it up to eleven with the sing-along anthem of "Together Tonight," before showcasing their softer side with the acoustic strumming opening of "Unfinished Business," which turns out to be a great punk/blues number. The band wrap up their new album with the nostalgic punk sounds of "Broken Glass" and the raw, burning power ballad closer "Carmelita (Warren Does Warren)." To find out more about Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets' latest release "Under The Neon Heat," please visit

Rock and roll vocalist Ellen Foley is preparing to release her first set of new music in eight years. Her new album titled "Fighting Words" will be released on August 6th through Urban Noise Music. Foley may be best known as the female vocalist on Meatloaf's multi-platinum selling album "Bat Out Of Hell," as well as albums by Blue Oyster Cult and The Clash. On her new album, Ellen Foley has assembled a top-notch list of musicians to back her up on her new eleven-track release. She kicks things off with the straight-up rocker "Are You Good Enough," which showcases an edginess to Foley's delivery, before adding a bit of a punk-attitude to her sound with "I'm Just Happy To Be Here." Next, she moves on to the mellow blues of "Be Nice" and the country-style harmonies of "I Call My Pain By Your Name." Ellen Foley revisits her rock side with the southern swagger of "I'll Be True," before displaying her stellar vocals on the gentle ballad "Fill Your Cup." She finishes with the empowering female anthem "Leave Him Janie" and her solo piano version of "Heaven Can Wait," which was originally performed by Meatloaf, but was re-recorded by Foley for the film "Lies I Told My Little Sister." To find out more about Ellen Foley and her latest release "Fighting Words," please visit

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