Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Check Out Thor's "Alliance" With Some Special Guests & Discover The Early Days Of Mourning Noise

Classic cult metal superhero, Thor is ready to release their brand new studio album "Alliance" on July 16th, through Deadline Music. This latest effort finds Jon Mikl Thor and his amazing band working with a load of special guests from bands like W.A.S.P., Raven and Anthrax. The new epic, seventeen track album begins with the perfect heavy metal anthem for Thor, "We Need Musclerock," which features the perfect chant-along chorus, as Jon trades vocal duties with John Gallagher of the legendary metal band Raven. The energy and tempo picks up on the nostalgic thrash metal attack of "Niflhel (Realm Of The Dead)" and then pounds the message of "The Ultimate Alliance," as Thor assembles his heavy metal supergroup of Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.), Ross Friedman (Manowar), Nina Osegueda (A Sound Of Thunder) and Fang Vonwrathenstein (Lords Of The Trident). Former Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin lends a hand to the grand hard rock anthem "We Will Fight Forever," while Danko Jones adds that extra bolt of energy to the addictive storied tale of "Rock Around The World." The album does also feature some songs with just Jon Mikl Thor and his band, as they blow you away with their heavy metal assault on "Power Hungry," before diving back into his collaborations with Trevor William Church (Haunt) on the chugging guitar riffs of the power-fueled "Battlements." The album finishes up with the raw, blazing metal attack of "After The Laughter," featuring Martin Gummesson of Thundermaker, along with the battle anthem "Congregate" and the reprise of "We Will Fight Forever," as the band lay down one final statement for heavy metal supremacy. To find out more about Thor's latest release "Alliance," please visit

Now, lets travel back in time to some of the early days of American punk music. Musician Steve Zing may be best known as the bassist for the heavy metal outfit Danzig and even as the drummer of Glenn Danzig earlier band, Samhain, but before that, he was a kid that would try and catch rehearsals for the influential punk unit, The Misfits. This made Steve Zing start his own punk band, Mourning Noise, which recently released a brand new compilation of studio demos and outtakes simply titled "Mourning Noise." This new 33-track compilation finds Zing digging through the vault to release a full, unissued LP that the band recorded back in the early eighties, but never released before the band disbanded in 1984. The quality of the sound switches between the outtakes, demos, live performances, but the overall energy is present through each performance. The rawness of some of the songs makes you feel like you've uncovered a treasure of early punk. Songs like "Monster Madness," "Vincent's Theme" and "Underground Zero" appear on this compilation in different formats, as you hear the song grow and evolve from is demo form to it live format, as the compilation closes with Mourning Noise performing live in 1982 for radio station WFMU. To find out more about this new compilation of song from Mourning Noise, please visit

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