Sunday, July 25, 2021

Discover New Music From Independent Artists Robert Stoner, Tamara L. Wilson and Sheridan

Bay-area singer, songwriter Robert Stoner recently released his debut album titled "Year Of Pain." Coming from a musical family (brother is professional violinist), Robert has spent many years performing music and during the pandemic shutdown decided to record an album's worth of material with the help of producer Ben Bernstein. The nine tracks that make up the album have a very personal, vulnerable sound, as most of the songs only feature Robert's vocals and an acoustic guitar with some occasional harmonies from fellow singer, songwriter Mary Elise. The album begins with the autobiographical tale of "Just A Riverboat" and the beautiful graceful ballad "Holy Grail." The delivery of the poetic lyrics of "Out Of Time" and "Wait Until The Morning" demand your attention, as Robert sings about the struggles with personal relationships. He finishes his new album with the quiet, relaxed tone of "Hear Your Voices" and recollections of his past trials of life with "Year Of Pain." To find out more about Robert Stoner and his latest release "Year Of Pain," please visit

Fellow singer. songwriter Tamara L Wilson also recently released her new 4-song EP titled "Let It Go," which was inspired by all the grievance and stress in today's world. The album begins with the soulful vibes of "It's Your Life (Believe)," as Tamara sings about being proud of who you are, no mater what anyone else thinks. The energy picks up with the funky pop remix of her song "Little More Love," which is a jolt of positivity that everyone could use right now. The album closes with the smooth R&B vibe of title track "Let It Go" and the inspirational sounds of "Have It All." To find out more about Tamara L. Wilson and her latest release "Let It Go," please visit

Hip-hop/pop artist and musical chameleon Sheridan (Sheridan Carter Crane) released his new EP titled "On Myself" back in June. It features eight tracks, beginning with Sheridan rolling through the poetic hip-hop-style lyrics of "Where's The Ref?" without missing a beat. The album then moves toward an R&B direction with the smooth sounds of "Hell," while "Like You Did" finds Sheridan stepping outside his comfort zone for this addictive alternative-pop melody. He wraps up his new album with strong, repetitive chorus of "Walk Away," which is unforgettable, along with the mellow vibe of the album closer "On Myself." To find out more about Sheridan and his latest release "On Myself," please visit

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