Monday, July 12, 2021

Expand Your Palette With New Music From Dewa Budjana, Mahogany Frog and J. Peter Schwalm

Guitarist Dewa Budjana recently released his brand new album titled "Naurora" throught MoonJune Records. While it features only five tracks, each song is a journey into sound with sweeping soundscapes and progressive instrumentation, which keeps you glued to the speakers. He begins with the eleven-minute title track "Naurora," which begins with an ambient opening that quickly gets swept away by some amazing guitar work by Budjana, as he masters his own craft. Pianist Joey Alexander also lends his talents on the piano to this epic piece. Next, the mood gets funky with the beginning licks of "Swarna Jingga," supplied by Mateus Asato, as Dewa works together with Mateus and drummer Dave Weckl on this high-energy, rhythm-fueled track. The album wraps up with the gentler, jazz vibe of Sabana Shanti, as the music simply glides along peacefully, while "Blue Mansion" has the full support of the band jamming with Dewa Budjana on this bluesy, rock finale. To find out more about Dewa Budjana and his latest release "Naurora," please visit

Next, we have the latest release from the spaced-out progressive rock band, Mahogany Frog. Their newest studio effort "In The Electric Universe" is the band's seventh album overall, but only their third with MoonJune Records. Mahogany Frog's new six-song release was recorded between 2013-2019, and its initial release was delayed due to the pandemic. Now, with its official release we get to dive into the far reaches of space rock with these epic pieces of musical art, beginning with the fourteen-minute journey of "Theme From P.D." The music is like a cornucopia for your ears, with so much going on that you find yourself glued to the magical flow of sounds that flow between ambient and psychedelia. The band get right down to it with the energetic blast of "CUbe," while "(((Sundog)))" is an epic escape that takes you from the relaxed state of the opening chords to the spaced out chaos that ensues, before floating through the subtle touch of music. Mahogany Frog finish their new album with the exciting, all-out hard rock assault of "Floral Flotilla" and the jazz fusion of "Octavio," which ends one final sonic blast off into space. To find out more about Mahogany Frog and their latest release "In The Electric Universe," please visit

Multi-instrumentalist J. Peter Schwalm has returned once again with a brand new album titled "Aufbruch." This time, he brought along guitarist Markus Reuter to add another dimension to his ambient soundscapes. Schwalm's new nine-song release, begins with the dark overtones of "Der Aufbruch," as the melody floats by in waves. Intent listening is required to pick up every note, as the music of "Von Anbeginn" shifts from a soft, elegant flowing soundscape to an electronic maze of sound. Schwalm takes his music and delivers it like a soundtrack to a film that has not been made, but you can visualize what the atmosphere and mood is suppose to portray in the seven-minute storied instrumental "Abbau." Vocalist Sophie Tassignon lends her talents to the soft, gentle touch of "Lebewohl" and the sterile feeling of "Losgelost," before J. Peter Schwalm closes his new album with the quiet, gentle, relaxed finale of "Abschied." To find out more about J. Peter Schwalm and his latest release "Aufbruch," please visit

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