Sunday, July 18, 2021

Grab A Hold Of New Heavy Metal Music From Space Chaser and DemiAura

Metal Blade Records is proud to present the latest release from Germany's own, Space Chaser. This thrash metal band recently released their third full-length album "Give Us Life" on July 16th. It feature ten tracks that get things moving quickly with the high-energy attack of "Remnants Of Technology," which showcases the growth in the band's songwriting since their last album "Dead Sun Rising," nearly five years ago. The album continues with the aggressive onslaught of "Juggernaut" and the heavy metal pounding rhythm of "Cryoshock." The speed of the guitars on "The Immortals" is mind-blowing, while "Burn Them All" has an edginess to it, which gives Space Chaser's music that raw, in-your-face sound. They wrap up their new album with the marching drums of the title-track "Give Us Life" and the intense thrash metal conclusion of "Dark Descent." To find out more about Space Chaser and their latest release "Give Us Life," please visit

On July 16th, we also have the debut album from the progressive metal band, DemiAura. Their new album "The Ascendant" has been four years in the making with the roots of the band tracing back two decades. The new ten track release begins with the exciting, explosive high-energy sound of "Pleiadian," which only gets better with the strong, harmonic vocals of Chelsea Wrathchild. Right away, you will notice the stellar musicianship of the instruments as they interweave around each other, as the songs change tempo and melody. Their sound becomes even more epic sounding on the aggressive touch of "Between Two Fires," while "The Dreaming" floats between a mystical meditation and an intense all-out rock assault. DemiAura finish-off their new album with the seven-minute build-up of "Shining Through" and final sonic blast of "Equinox," which has the band pushing the envelope of progressive metal music. To find out more about DemiAura and their latest release "The Ascendant," please visit

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