Monday, July 5, 2021

Head Out To The Country With New Music From Tylor & The Train Robbers, Ben Reddell Band and Jon Byrd

Country, roots band Tylor & The Train Robbers had their well-laid out plans for 2020 go by the waste-side like so many other bands to the pandemic. So, they took advantage of that time by writing and recording a new album, which will be released this Friday, July 9th. The new album is titled "Non-Typical Find" and features eleven tracks, beginning with the nostalgic folk strumming of "Equation Of Life," as Tylor & The Train Robbers sound similar to Arlo Guthrie and the Guthrie Family flock. Then, The Train Robbers plug in for the high-energy country rocker "This Town," before slowing down once again for the soft, acoustic storied ballad "Jenny Lynn." The backwoods, classic roots music comes shining on the fun, up-tempo swinging rhythm of the title track "Non-Typical Find" and the energy continues to flow through the chugging train rhythm of "Starring Down The North." Tylor & The Train Robbers finish off their new album with the exceptional musicianship on "Back The Other Way" and the beautiful, gentle touch of "Silver." To find out more about Tylor & The Train Robbers and their latest release "Non-Typical Find," please visit

Texas-born, LA artist Ben Reddell and his band are also releasing some new music July 9th titled "LA Baby!" The writing and recording of this album began back in late 2019, before the height of the pandemic, which forced the Ben Reddell Band to finish their album remotely. This new six-song EP begins with the high-energy country rocker "My Baby," which just lets you know that are in for a good time listening to this new album. The rawness of "Cocaine" shows that this band doesn't just conform to what country music should be, but adds some southern swagger into their delivery of the music and lyrics. The Ben Reddel Band have fun with the two-stepping, swinging rhythm of "Love Her & You Need Her," before finishing with the slow-moving "12 Bar Blues" and the fun, up-tempo sing-along "Good Thing." To find out more about the Ben Reddell Band and their latest release "LA Baby!," please visit

Then, the following week gives us the new five-song EP from the Grammy-nominated artist, Jon Byrd. His new album titled "Me And Paul," features Jon along side pedal steel guitarist Paul Niehaus, performing a handful mix of originals and covers. The album begins with the quiet, fragile touch of "I'll Be Her Only One" and the storied country tale of the "Ballad Of Jr. And Lloyd." Jon takes you back in time with the nostalgic touch of "Cash On The Barrelhead," before closing out his new, short release with the beautiful, emotional touch of "Why Must You Think I'm Leaving?" and a stripped-down rendition of J.J. Cale's "Don't Go To Strangers." To find out more about Jon Byrd and his latest release "Me And Paul," please visit

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