Monday, July 26, 2021

New Blues Music Arriving From Newcomer Bluhauz and the Veteran Sean Chambers

Arriving August 6th from LoSweet Records is the self-titled debut album from singer, songwriter, guitarist Bluhauz. The journey Bluhauz has been long, from admiring the work of Jimmy Page from his home country of Argentina, to attending the Berklee College of Music to being a member of the indie-rock band, Stone Giant. Now, it Bluhauz time with a new set of thirteen songs, beginning with the bluesy guitar strut of "Purify My Soul" and the reggae vibe of "What's Going On?," as Bluhauz sounds well-experienced beyond his years. He digs deep into the swampy, delta blues of "Tell Me Baby" and motors along with "Keep On Rolling," which sounds like it was taken from a jam session in the studio with some friends. His guitar explodes during the steady pace of "Generation Calling," as Bluhauz' vocals sound as if giving a sermon to his followers. His sound then turns to the seventies-style, big guitar rock of "Easy Way Out," before wrapping up his new album with the upbeat, soulful, southern blues groove of "Celebration" and the final sonic blast of "Everyday," which leaves you wanting more from this new artist. To find out even more about blues/rock artist Bluhauz and his latest self-titled release, please visit

Blues singer, guitarist Sean Chambers also recently released his new album titled "That's What I'm Talkin About," a tribute to his dear friend and mentor, Chicago blues artist Hubert Sumlin. The album was recorded during the pandemic of 2020 and was released back on July 9th through Quarto Valley Records. It features eleven tracks, which is a mix of covers and originals, beginning with the big blues introduction of "Chunky," which allows the band to get warmed up on this original opening instrumental. Then, they deliver a raw sounding version of Willie Dixon's "Do The Do" and the energetic romp of Chester Burnett's "Rockin Daddy." These were all songs that Hubert Sumlin would perform live, as Chambers and his band would back Sumlin on stage for years. Their love for the great Willie Dixon continues with the chugging rhythm and blues swagger of "Hidden Charms," before reaching the only other original track of the album "Hubert's Song," which Sean wrote about the time he spent with the late, great blues artist. The album finishes with a pair of slow burning blues classics, "Sitting On Top Of The World" and "Louise," which allows Sean Chambers to get his proper guitar licks in. To find out more about Sean Chambers and his latest release "That's What I'm Talking About," please visit

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