Wednesday, July 28, 2021

New Experimental Music From Guitarists Cary Heuchert and Ari Lehtela

From Canada comes the latest release from singer, songwriter, guitarist Cary Heuchert titled "Hourglass." It features ten new original tracks that echoes the early days of prog-rock music, as Cary opens with the gentle, acoustic folk touch of "This Is The Time," which feels more relevant during the alone times of the pandemic lockdown. He continues with the more experimental, psychedelic tone of "The Sea Of Faces" and the sweet words of "You Are The World To Me." Cary has a special bond with the listener, making them feel that the words and music are just for them, as in "From The Corner Of My Eye," which simply floats on by, putting the listener in a calm, relaxed state. Next, he plugs in, showcasing the diversity in his music and his work with the electric guitar, as the driving force behind "Together," before Cary closes out his new album with the nostalgic pop overtones of "I Don't Want To Say Goodnight To You" and spacey, trippy blues sound of "When Fortune Smiles." To find out more about Cary Heuchert and his latest release "Hourglass," please visit

North Carolina guitarist Ari Lehtela is returning with a new twelve-track album of instrumentals titled "The Year The Earth Stood Still." Back in early 2020, Ari was in the early stages of creating new music for what was going to be he next studio album. Then, when the pandemic hit, Ari turned his attention toward what was happening in the world. The music created on this new album reflects that period of isolation and wonder, as Ari uses instruments that he has built himself to create these unique musical pieces. The album begins with a short "Prologue," which sounds like a band warming-up played in reverse, before reaching the gliding tone of "Sight Distance," which seems to swing on the pendulum of volume. Ari experiments even more with his sound on the nearly nine-minute exploration of "Pandemonium," as this jazz piece continues to search for a direction. The sweet acoustics of the next "Interlude" feels as if Ari is just testing out a newly built stringed instrument on this short, but compelling track, while "Blursdays" has a bluesy overtone, as you follow every note, wondering where it will take you. Ari Lehtela finishes his new album with smooth, funky jazz vibe of "Conflicting Reports" and the calm feeling of the title-track, "The Year The Earth Stood Still." To find out more about Ari Lehtela and his latest release "The Year The Earth Stood Still," please visit

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