Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music On The Horizon From Infex, Graveyard Shifters and Qrixkuor

It has been a few years since we last heard from the Bay Area thrash metal band, Infex. They are preparing to release their new studio album "Burning In Exile" on August 13th. It features nine tracks, beginning with "Blood Of The Wicked," which is soaked in thrash metal nostalgia, as Infex get the blood pumping right away with this intense opener. Their sound also crosses over in the hardcore genre with the aggressive tones of songs like "The Burning" and "Acid Reign." They continue to march upon your ears with the adrenaline-fueled attack of "The Abyss" and "Legions Of Hate," before wrapping up their new album with amazing heavy metal onslaught of the six-minute closer "7.62." To find out more about Infex and their latest release, please visit

Also arriving at the beginning of August is a new 4-song EP titled "Heads Turn First, Eyes Follow," from the Finnish punk-rock band, Graveyard Shifters. They come blasting right out the gate with the aggressive, hardcore chaos that they are known for in the form of "Fake It Till You Make It," before speeding thing up with the punk-rock tempo of the title-track "Heads Turn First, Eyes Follow." The new EP finishes with the heavy pounding rhythm of "Whirlpool" and the darker, alternative rock approach of the closer "Calm Down Before The Storm." To find our more about Graveyard Shifters and their latest release "Heads Turn First, Eyes Follow," please visit

English dark metal band, Qrixkuor are ready to unleash their full-length debut album titled "Poison Palinopsia." While the album only features two-tracks, each lasting for over 24 minutes, it feels as if you are invited to listen to a hallowing soundtrack to a movie that is too gruesome to be filmed. The first track titled "Serpentine Susurrus - Mother's Abomination" shifts between doom metal and hardcore chaos, as the music created between the three band members echoes in your head. The second track is titled "Recrudescent Malevolence - Mother's Illumination" and slowly builds to its aggressive peak, as you find yourself falling deeper and deeper in the dark musical voyage that Qrixkuor has created for you. To find out more about the band and their latest release "Poison Palinopsia," please visit

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