Wednesday, July 7, 2021

New Music From Country/Blues Crooner Clint Morgan & Drummer Extraordinaire John McTigue III

On July 16th, singer/songwriter Clint Morgan will release his new album titled "Troublemaker" through Lost Cause Records. The album was produced by Grammy award-winner Kevin McKendree and finds Morgan collaborating with some of the greats, like Watermelon Slim, Kinky Friedman and The McCrary Sisters. Morgan's new 15-song album kicks off with the classic honky-tonk country vibe of "Hangman Woman" and the old-fashion gospel chant of "Go Down, Moses," which is highlighted by the angelic vocals of The McCrary Sisters. Then, Clint Morgan dives deep into the blues with the double-headed "Ain't That The Blues" and "Hungry Man Blues," then picks the energy up for the straight-up rocker "It's Rough Out There," which features some sweet guitar work by Doug Lancio. Clint Morgan paints the perfect picture in your mind of "Hurricane Harvey" with his spoken-word lyrics about loss and redemption. Clint Morgan wraps up his new album with his collaboration with Kinky Friedman on the tongue-in-cheek, but probably true realization of "Somebody Put A Wal-Mart On The Farm," along with his parody of Shel Silverstein's "Cover Of Rolling Stone," titled "The Cover Of The Living Blues," which includes Watermelon Slim and Bob Margolin. To find out more about Clint Morgan and his latest release "Troublemaker," please visit

Then, on July 23rd drummer/composer John McTigue III will release his debut solo album titled "It's About Time." John was one of the founding members of the Nashville rockabilly band, Brazibilly and has worked alongside such great artists as Carlene Carter, Emmylou Harris and Rufus Wainwright, just to name a few. On his first solo album, John adds his own special touch to these twelve new tracks, beginning with the up-beat swinging tempo of his cover of "Deep Elem Blues, featuring Greg Garing on vocals and Kenny Vaughan on guitar. The album also features seven instrumental tracks like the hard-edged progressive rock touch of "Stockholm," the intense rhythm of "Soul Shepard" and the jazzy vibe of "Chopin Etude No. 4." Mixed in-between these instrumentals are some great songs like the grinding, grunge-style rock of "Keeping Time" and the swinging rockabilly melody of "Store Bought Liquor." Tim Carroll handles the guitar and vocals on the big, classic rock sound of "Talk To God," while "Ashes Of Love" is the band's attempt at a country ballad. John McTigue III finishes his new album with the pedal-steel guitar work of Ron Blakely on "The Whale Song" and John's modern string-ensemble on "String Quartet No. 3." To find out more about John McTigue III and his latest release "It's About Time," please visit

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