Saturday, July 3, 2021

New Music On The Horizon From Times Of Grace, Capstan, Sleep Waker and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Heavy metal outfit, Times Of Grace return with their first set of new music in over a decade. Killswitch Engage partners Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach, team up with former Envy On The Coast drummer Dan Gluszak for this latest batch of tracks titled "Songs Of Loss And Separation." It may become the perfect anthem for this last year of solitude and lockdown, as we begin with dark, slow-churning passion of the opener "The Burden Of Belief." Next, the trio takes a step toward the mainstream with the straight-up hard rock approach of "Mend You," while "Rescue" has a more aggressive backdrop, lead by the strong vocal work of Dutkiewicz. Times Of Grace keep things on the darker side with the grungy, moody rock of "Bleed Me" and the doom metal approach of "Medusa," before finishing with mellow touch of "Cold" and the slow-building finale of "Forever." To find out more about Times Of Grace and their latest album "Songs Of Loss And Separation," please visit

During the pandemic shutdown of 2020, one band definitely took advantage of that time, writing and recording a brand new album. On July 23rd, we have the arrival of the new studio album from rising extreme metal band, Capstan. Their new album titled "Separate" will be released through Fearless Records and features ten tracks, beginning with the intense, sonic blast of "Pretext," which just comes out swinging, showing the band's aggressive approach. The band deliver a more mainstream metal approach with "Shades Of Us," while "Alone" ups the energy with its hard-hitting rhythm and edgy vocals. Capstan deliver their attempt at a power ballad with the darker tones of "Blurred Around The Edges," before they pick the tempo up once again with the high-impact rocker "Tongue-Biter." They wrap up their new album with the power and passion of "Shattered Glass," along with the hardcore metal grind of "Decline." To find out more about Capstan and their latest release "Separate," please visit

The five-piece metal band, Sleep Waker are also preparing to release their new album "Alias" on July 23rd. It features ten tracks, beginning with the heavy-pounding and screaming vocals of the title-track "Alias." This gets things moving quickly, as they blast you away with the hardcore attack of "Skin" and the even more intense delivery of "Strangers." The music of "Melatonin" is drilled into your skull with is raw energy, while "Insomniac" is a two-minute sonic attack on your ears. Sleep Waker beg for "Serenity" with the brand of aggressive, take-no-prisoners attitude, before finishing their new album with dark, more mainstream metal approach of "Distance." To find out more about Sleep Waker and their latest release "Alias," please visit

Lastly, we have the new album "Gone Are The Good Days" from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, which will arrive at the end of the month through Fearless Records. It features twelve tracks, beginning with the addictive, adrenaline-fueled post-punk opener "Bitter" and the equally enjoyable, alternative pop delivery of the title track "Gone Are The Good Days." They flex their punk muscle with the swift hitting "Made For More," then showcase their passion with "True Colors" and have fun with the lyrics and rhythm of "Blame It On This Song." Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! wrap up their new album with the acoustic ballad "Tongue Tied" and the closing pop flow of "Fin." To find out more about Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and their latest release "Gone Are The Good Days," please visit

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