Tuesday, July 13, 2021

New Progressive Music From Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen, Billy Yfantis and Head With Wings

Guitarists Jon Durant and Stephan Thelen have teamed-up once again to create some new amazing music in the form of "Crossings." The album was conceived and recorded during the pandemic of 2020, each working from their own home studio, which is across the Atlantic Ocean I might add. The seven tracks that the duo created for this album, show how quickly this collaboration grew from a single song for a compilation into this amazing project. The album begins with the beautiful layers of "Vol de Nuit," as you hear the two artists expressing their own talents in different ways, which work together to create an instrumental work of art. Durant and Thelen deliver the calm of "Sunrise" and then take you on an epic 13-minute journey of sound exploration with the title-track "Crossings." The intensity continues to build during the pulsating tones of "Fractal 5.7," before closing the album with the ambient soundscape of "Infinity." To find out more about "Crossings," this latest collaboration between Jon Durant and Stephan Thelen, please visit jondurant.bandcamp.com.

Musician and author Billy Yfantis recently released his latest work of art, "Noises From Outer Space." It features only six tracks, which take you on an hour-long adventure into the upper stratosphere. The album opens with the subtle sounds of "Astral Noise," as intent listening is mandatory to hear the subtle shifts in the notes. The perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi novelization is the only way to describe the sweeping soundscapes of "Cosmic Noise" and "Galactic Noise." Billy Yfantis gives you the full experience with the spacey tones of "Interstellar Noise," before wrapping up his new outer space album with the exciting conclusion of "Planetary Noise." To find out more about Billy Yfantis and his latest release "Noises From Outer Space," please visit billyyfantis.bandcamp.com.

On the horizon is the new three-song EP "Comfort In Illusion" from the Connecticut progressive rock ensemble, Head With Wings. This is the band's first set of new music in three years and will be released on July 16th. The album kicks off with the complexity of "Uncertainty," which builds with intensity during each chorus, as their music in this set displays the true meaning of progressive by pushing the limits of music. Next, Head With Wings work in different tempos for "Contemplating The Loop," which keeps you on your toes, guessing which direction the song takes you. They finish their new short release with the heaviest rock on the album, "In A House Without Clocks" shows more aggression, while also keeping the band's iconic sound of delivering a message within the music. To find out more about Head With Wings and their latest release "Comfort In Illusion," please visit headwithwings.bandcamp.com.

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