Monday, July 19, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Richard Pryor's "Live At The Comedy Store, 1973"

One of the best hidden gems of the Richard Pryor catalog will be released on Friday, July 23rd through Omnivore Recordings in full cooperation with the Richard Pryor Estate. This new release "Live At The Comedy Store, 1973" was only partial released in 2013 as a promo, as part of the Richard Pryor box set "No Pryor Restraint: Life In Concert." The original promo featured fourteen tracks, but this new release adds on six bonus tracks that made their way out to the public as part of other Richard Pryor compilations. Now, all of Pryor's performance from that first night is available on this proper new release.

He starts off, pulling no punches, spending ten minutes talking about "Street Corner Winos." He sets up every punchline with a story that makes you believe he experienced each tale first hand. He also dives into much of the taboo topics like "Dope," "Sex," "Religion" and even takes shots at the current president, Richard Nixon. The original fourteen-track release closes with Pryor naming "Celebrities In The Audience," by poking fun at some of their short-comings. The bonus tracks are absolutely required listening, as he starts off with "Death" and how he would like to have died, before comparing Sammy Davis Jr. to Jim Brown. He closes with another jab at religion what Jesus went through to explain how "Jesus Saves," along with an edited version of the opening track "Street Corner Wino," which hits the funny bone one last time.

This new release also includes new liner notes from Corey Frye and restoration from Grammy winner Michael Graves. To find out more about this new live album from Richard Pryor, please visit

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