Saturday, August 28, 2021

Check Out New Music From The Supergroup PAKT and Drummer/Composer Asaf Sirkis

The progressive rock supergroup PAKT (featuring Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski and Tim Motzer) recently released a new self-titled studio album through MoonJune Records. Throughout this twelve track set, you can instantly feel the chemistry between these four musicians, especially in the twelve-minute opener "Emergence." As the song's structure builds and reseeds, you will notice the band's loose, freeform paying style, which seems to work wonders together. On the follow-up track "Over Strange Lands," one band member will take a turn on directing the song's course with everyone else following suit. The extended jams within each song keep the listener guessing on which direction the song is headed. The guitar really sear-through the experimental rhythm of "The Mystery," while "Brothers Of Energy" feels like a spacey, psychedelic trip. PAKT get a little funkier with the rhythmic breaks of "The Sacred Ladder," as each band member is on-point to execute the song's energetic and intense melody. They wrap up their new studio album with subtle notes of "Nigh Crossings" and the final energetic, sonic blast of "Cosmic Fire." MoonJune Records is also releasing each of PAKT's live shows digitally on the band's Bandcamp website. To find out more about PAKT and their latest releases, please visit

Also just released through MoonJune Records is the latest album from Israeli-born drummer/composer Asaf Sirkis titled "Solar Flash." It features support from drummer/keyboardist Gary Husband, bassist Kevin Glasgow and guitarist Mark Wingfield. Sirkis' new eight-track album begins with the energetic run of "Kinship," which only slows down for a moment during Glasgow' bass solo. The music gets a little more bluesy with the stellar guitar work of Mark Wingfield, while "Polish Suite" parts 1 and 2 just glide along softly to put you in a relaxed state. The intensity picks back up during the rise of the title track "Solar Flash," before closing out the album with part 3 of the "Polish Suite," which adds more of Wingfield's guitar to the song's ambient backdrop. To find out more about Asaf Sirkis and his latest release "Solar Flash," please visit

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