Thursday, August 19, 2021

Discover New Music From Independent Artists Andy Peake and the Avey Grouws Band

Arriving August 20th, from Big Little Records is the debut solo album from songwriter, drummer, percussionist Andy Peake. The new album is titled "Mood Swings" and includes some of Peake's special friends to help him out on this new set of eleven tracks. Peake begins with the silky smooth opener "Make Peace With The Blues" and the samba-style rhythm of "Hip Replacement," as the lyrics are aimed toward an older audience with Andy's rough, experienced vocals leading the charge. The title-track "Mood Swings" carries a jazzy vibe that swings with energy, along with the addictive rhythm of "Do It While You Can." Andy takes on Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" with grace and respect, delivering The Band's version of the song from "Music From Big Pink." The blues come shining through once again with "My Baby's Got A Light On," which simply gleams with nostalgia. Andy Peake finishes his new album with another flash of rhythmic talent on "Untangle The Line," which includes an inspiring message of hope, along with a loose, New Orleans flavored rock and roll cover of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode." To find out more about Andy Peake and his latest release "Mood Swings," please visit

Fast forward a month and we have the new album from the Avey Grouws Band, which will be released on September 24th, through Navy House Records. The band's latest effort titled "Tell Tale Heart" features ten tracks, beginning with the electrifying blues rocker "Love Raining Down," which just simmers until the explosion of energy during Chris Avey's guitar solo. The Avey Grouws Band get locked into a great southern-rock groove with "There For Me," which only sweetens up with some stellar harmonies. The raw, edgy blues-rock approach of "Bad, Bad Year" and the spacy, Pink Floydian progressive rock of "Mariana," display two different sides to the band's amazing sound, as they continue to deliver emotion-fueled musical numbers. The Avey Groews Band wrap up their new album with the gentle acoustics of "Daylight," the funky beats and searing guitar riffs of "We're Gonna Roll," along with the country rock closer "Eye To Eye," which is the only duet on the album between Jeni Grouws and Chris Avey. To find out more about the Avey Grouws Band and their latest release "Tell Tale Heart," please visit

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