Friday, August 27, 2021

Discover The Progressive Sounds Of Trifecta and Giancarlo Erra

Progressive rock trio, Trifecta recently released their new album titled "Fragments," back on August 20th, through Kscope Music. The group consists of Nick Beggs on bass, Adam Holzman on keyboards and Craig Blundell on drums. They performed together as part of Steve Wilson's backing band and they would jam together at soundchecks, in which these recordings were born. Trifecta's new fifteen-song album begins with the grand, high-energy opener "Clean Up On Aisle Five," as you instantly notice the chemistry between these musicians. The sound shifts slightly to a more jazz fusion based melody on "Check Engine Light," while "Photo Molecule" gets down and funky with its rhythm section. Trifecta return to the rock side of the their music with the swift drum rolls and spaced-out keyboards of "Venn Diagram," before settling down into the more laid-back, smooth, jazzy groove of "Sally Doo-Dally." I feel that they could have extended the jam of "Have You Seen What My Neighbors Are Doing?," as the rhythm and overall feel of the song just vibes on all cylinders. Nick Beggs adds some vocals to "Pavlov's Dog Killed Schrodinger's Cat," which feels very calming and mellow, a great tune to just sit back and relax to. Trifecta finish their new album with more calming sounds in the form of "Dry Martini" and the all-out jazz fusion of "Hold It Like That." To find out more about Trifecta and their latest release "Fragments," please visit

Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Erra recently released his latest project titled "Departure Tapes." The album consists of only six tracks, which as Giancarlo puts it are more "experimental," as he wrote these songs on a trip between the UK and Italy and then improvised the music in the studio, in order to make each track unique. These songs revolve around the subject of loss, as Giancarlo was dealing with the death of his father from cancer while writing and performing these songs. The album begins with "Dawn Tape," as the music is the perfect soundtrack to the morning sunrise at the beginning of a new day of adventures. The music get slightly darker in tone during the short 3-minute "169 Tape," before takin you on the mellow, ambient soundscapes of "Unwound Tape." The album closes with a nearly seventeen-minute adventure in the form of "Departure Tape," which continues to grow and expand with each new layer of sound, along with the subtle shifts of "A Blues For My Father." This set of new music from Giancarlo Erra is available on vinyl and as a CD/DVD, which includes a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album. To find out more about the "Departure Tapes," please visit

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