Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Get Lost In The Words And Music Of James McMurtry and The Furious Seasons Latest Albums

Acclaimed singer, songwriter James McMurtry will be releasing his new album "The Horses And The Hounds" on August 20th, through Nine West Records. It is his first collection of new music in seven years and finds McMurtry getting personal with his story-telling tales or reflection and revelation. His new ten-song release begins with the surging melody of "Canola Fields," as James paints the perfect picture in your mind, as he gives us personal insight into his life. He heads down to the country with the guitar-strutting rhythm of "If It Don't Bleed," while "Operation Never Mind" is a modern day, politically-charged anthem about what happens when the cameras are off. You hang on his every word during the stories of "Decent Man" and the folk, blues of "Vaquero," while the title-track "The Horses And The Hounds" is a raw, passionate country rocker that shows that James McMurtry has much more in his tank to offer. He wraps up his new album with the addictive, up-tempo number "What's The Matter" and the strutting blues of "Blackberry Winter." To find out more about James McMurtry and his latest release "The Horses And The Hounds," please visit

Also arriving August 20th via Stonegarden Records is the latest release titled "Home All Day, Home All Night" from the acoustic folk trio, The Furious Seasons. It is the band's second album in less than a year and was recorded during the sessions for their last album "La Fonda," which was released at the height of the pandemic last year. This twelve song release deals with the subjects of living life, love and hope, beginning with the moderate tempo of "Is This Happening," which is aimed directly at dealing with the pandemic shutdown. The trio's harmonies on this opening track are amazing and will have you only wanting more from The Furious Seasons. The new album continues with the loving, graceful ballad "Down For Me" and the soft, fragile delivery of "We Finally Get Fall." They take more inspiration from the pandemic with the comfort of being home with "Lovely Backyard," while "Birthday Song" is about hope for a better future for our children. The Furious Seasons finish their new album with the up-tempo melody of "Puff Of Smoke," a slowed-down bluesy re-imagined version of David Bowie's "Changes" and the politically motivated tale of "7420." To find out more about The Furious Seasons and their latest release "Home All Day, Home All Night," please visit

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