Friday, August 20, 2021

Grab A Hold Of New Music From Artists Ben Bostick and Brinsley Schwarz

Singer, songwriter Ben Bostick returns with a brand new studio album titled "Grown Up Love." It features ten tracks dealing with the challenges of love and family, beginning with the jazzy acoustic shuffle of "Different Woman." Things turn emotional right away with the gentle touch of "Shades Of Night" and the seriousness of "The Diagnosis," as Ben wears his heart on on sleeve during these intimate songs. You can't help but get lost in the beautiful lyrics and melody of "Under The Palmetto Moon," while the stripped-down acoustics of "If We Only Had Tonight" is a fragile message hope and love. Ben finishes his new album with the quiet whisper of the poetic lyrics of "Like Old People Do" and the perfect ballad of how quickly time flies with the loving words of "It Seems Like Only Yesterday." To find out more about Ben Bostick and his latest release "Grown Up Love," please visit

Also on the horizon is the new album from Brinsley Schwarz titled "Tangled." It will be released on September 3rd through Fretsore Records and comes four years after his debut solo album "Unexpected." Schwarz has been in the music industry since the late sixties, as a member of the British pop group, Kippington Lodge and also working with fellow school mate Nick Lowe, along with Graham Parker and his band, The Rumour. This new set of songs has been in the works for years, and begins with the steady pace of "He Takes Your Breath Away" and the rising contemporary pop melody of "You Drive Me To Drink." Brinsley includes a version of his favorite Graham Parker song "Love Gets You Twisted," which fits perfectly along side these other songs about relationships. The album's lead single is a sweet, bluesy rocker titled "Storm In The Hills," which echoes the chaos of what is happening in today's climate, along with the pandemic tale of "Crazy World." Brinsley Schwarz finishes his new album with the samba-style rhythm of "You Can't Take It Back" and the sweet loving, feel good lyrics of "All Day." To find out more about Brinsley Schwarz and his latest release "Tangled," please visit

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